Weekly Whispers #15

May 09, 2021

Welcome to Week #15

This is a different sort of whisper this week.

It might be a shout for some of you… or a wee cry for others like it was for me this week.

If you’re in a sensitive place you may want to pause and read this later.

The date always jumps out of the calendar for me. Certain dates do that. Birthdays, anniversaries, global events or holidays, and the day my Dad passed.

This week marks 45 years since he was tragically killed in a car crash. I should have been in the car too but – and I think and hope it’s serendipitous – I wasn’t allowed. My Mum said no.

So, this whisper is predominantly to share my own experience of losing someone special, and for anyone else who may have lost someone dear, and for those that one day will.

Life will go on… but not as you knew it. From now on you’ve been shaped. I can’t tell you how you’ve been shaped but you’ve been shaped. I suspect everyone is shaped uniquely as a...

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Weekly Whispers #14

May 02, 2021

Welcome to Week #14

Which whisper did you hear from Week #13?

Did you work out your bias on the other side of the problem?

Have you observed how warmth trumps competence?

When did you notice your language creates consequence?

Did the weekly question hit you hard, like it did me?

Here's what’s struck me this week.

1. Being YOUR best vs. being THE best

Sadly earlier this month an Australian swimming icon passed away - John Konrads. An Australian Olympic legend who went to his first Olympics as a 14-year-old, having only learned to swim a few years earlier, is but the start of an incredible story which this short anecdote won’t do justice.

His swimming hero at the time was Murray Rose - another iconic swimmer. John saw Murray as the BEST and in many ways he was. He was the reigning Olympic Gold medalist from the 1956 Olympic Games. Going into some of the events with that mindset, John commented later in life about how often he underperformed relative to his potential. He...

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Weekly Whispers #13

Apr 25, 2021

Welcome to Week #13

Which whisper did you hear from Week #12?

Did you reflect on where you get your clarity from?

Have you danced with your internal critic?

What’s your balance of internal fulfilment and external achievement like?

Did you see past the big white teeth

Here's what’s struck me this week.

1. This IS rocket science

I love the Apollo 13 clip where the rocket scientists are tasked with fitting a square peg into a round hole.

I work with a lot of engineers, accountants and executives who favour logic over emotion. When presented with a problem, a number of their inherent biases kick in. Over time, and with the occasional provocative question or jolt, they have a breakthrough. They metaphorically toss their expertise over the wall, find another way to break through the wall, and pick their expertise up on the other side. On the other side of the problem, their expertise can become a game-changer.

What’s the bias you have on this side of your problem, that...

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Weekly Whispers #12

Apr 18, 2021

Welcome to Week #12

Which whisper did you hear from Week #11?

Did you consider how lucky you’ve been due to your practice…or not?

Did you ignore the hazard of fear?

Did you hit your metaphorical 2nd putt first?

Were you inspired to take up golf?

Here's what’s struck me this week.

1. Clarity precedes just about everything

In most of the recent work I’ve been doing with clients one objective seems to override everything else. If it’s not the first item on the agenda it certainly becomes the first once any discussion starts.

Clarity can arrive in many forms - a thought, an image, a feeling, an aha, a metaphor, a comment, a repeated whisper turning into a shout. Clarity it would appear (no pun intended) gives rise to confidence, energy, action, collaboration and many more things. Something to ponder for you. When you seek clarity, where do you get your clarity from?

2. This talk isn't very good

I loved the title of this TEDx talk, 'This talk isn’t...

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Weekly Whispers #11

Apr 11, 2021

Welcome to Week #11

Which whisper did you hear from Week #10?

What were you thinking about as you drank your milkshake?

Did you practice optimism?

Did you watch the video?

I’ve been a golfer for many years and as it’s Masters Week (a major golf tournament happening in the USA) I thought I’d share what’s struck me about golf this week.

1. The more I practice the luckier I get (attributed to many sources)

The essence of the maxim being that the more you practice something the more you are likely to experience a positive outcome. However, the big distinction is the difference between deliberate practice and mindless practice.

See here for a couple of insights.

James Clear - Deliberate Practice Theory

The Science of Deliberate Practice

2. Hit your second putt first

This is my own take on an often experienced golfing phenomenon. Let me try and explain. Let’s say I have a 6ft putt that I think will move a little bit left to right over the contours...

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Weekly Whispers #10

Apr 04, 2021

Welcome to Week #10

Which whisper did you hear from Week #9?

Did you tell yourself you were exercising whilst making dinner?

Did you reflect on what you currently have and how long ago you wanted that?

Did you consider what a great life is for you and those closest to you?

Here's what’s struck me this week.

1. Mindset & Milkshakes

A famous study used milkshakes to see if our perception of the calorific content of a milkshake might determine how our body reacts to it. ‘No way’ I hear you think. ‘Calories are calories no matter what you believe, right?'.

One group were told their milkshake was high in fat and calories. The other group were told their milkshake was lower in fat and calories. In fact, both groups would be consuming the exact same milkshake containing the exact same fat and calorific content.

Blood samples taken before, during and after the study showed that the hormone ghrelin (often known as the hunger hormone which is usually highest...

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Weekly Whispers #9

Mar 28, 2021

Welcome to Week #9

Which whisper did you hear from Week #8?

Did you watch the movie? Did you watch the TED talk?

What lessons did you get from them?

Have you been more conscious of your words? Or the words that are used within your worlds?

Here's what’s struck me this week.e and intangible has certainly shifted.

1. Mindset matters... in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways

‘Simply by telling 44 hotel maids that what they did each day involved some serious exercise, the Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer and Alia J. Crum, a student, were apparently able to lower the women’s blood pressure, shave pounds off their bodies and improve their body-fat and “waist to hip” ratios. Self-awareness, it seems, was the women’s elliptical trainer’ NY Times 2007.

It's astonishing to comprehend that just believing something to be the case can make it have some benefit. I wonder how often we approach a task and our belief about that task invokes the...

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Weekly Whispers #8

Mar 21, 2021

Welcome to Week #8

Which whisper did you hear from Week #7?

Have you given yourself a Mulligan? Too many in the past maybe?

What gets you into form or flow? What takes you out? Do you notice either?

Were you aware of any of your assumptions?

Here's what’s struck me this week.

1. Lessons from Sully

I love watching movies. I love becoming immersed in the narrative and losing myself in the story. I’ve also conditioned myself to seek the lessons from the movies I watch. One particular movie – which I’d recommend – is Sully. The story of the pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson River in NYC when the engines failed after flying into a flock of birds. Disclaimer – you know what happens! Despite knowing the outcome it’s a compelling and gripping tale – predominantly of the aftermath. The final scenes are where I’ve taken these lessons from. 

 Sully was the X factor in all the data – the human factor. The human factor...

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Weekly Whispers #7

Mar 14, 2021

Welcome to Week #7

Which whisper did you hear from Week #6?

Did any of the success traits resonate with you?

Which ones feel easier for you than others?

What are you doing today that will predict what happens tomorrow?

Are you building the well before you need the water?

Here's what’s struck me this week.

1. Are you giving yourself a Mulligan?

I’m a golfer and very familiar with the term ‘Mulligan’. For a brief history check this link out:

Where did "Mulligan" originate?

No one really knows, but it may have originated in golf hence my familiarity. What fascinated me was this article that connected the concept of a Mulligan to keeping your new years resolutions (or goals).

In one study participants were offered $1 for every day in a week that they remembered to go online and complete a set of 35 annoying tasks. The group was then split and randomly assigned different goals and given a $5 bonus on top of their cash haul if they achieved their weekly goal.

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Weekly Whispers #6

Mar 07, 2021

Welcome to Week #6

Which whisper did you hear from Week #5?

Are you prepared to do the work before you dance under the lights of success?

Have you experienced doing a ‘Bradbury’?

Do you have any other Spotify playlists to recommend?

A slightly different format this week...

Likes, novelty, ‘I now know…’, ‘I didn’t know that…’, ‘that’s interesting’ - aren’t necessarily good predictors of future behaviour.

It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting.

I’m sure there are more, including the ‘X‘ factor, but here are (at least) 8 traits that are scientifically proven to predict future success with a little commentary from me.

See the full Forbes article here.

#1 The ability to delay gratification

Are you quick to follow the new sparkly thing or can you control your novelty impulses and wait for the reward. There’s more to life...

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