Focus on the Gain, Not the Gap

Oct 26, 2020

I've known about the benefits of cold water showers and contrast showers for a while now. Being a Scot, I've always hated the cold so it felt like a bridge too far for me. Until...I started focusing on the small steps of progress I could make.

The picture on the left is my normal morning shower temperature - Goldilocks - not too warm, not too cold, just right.

The picture on the right is the furthest and therefore the coldest the shower could be. Now I could easily beat myself up and focus on how much I've got to go and how rubbish I am compared to others.

But no, my focus is on the middle picture and the progress I've made 17 consecutive days in.

When would it be helpful for you to focus on the gain, not the gap?

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Entertaining Uncertainty

Oct 19, 2020

When uncertainty strikes, what would you do?

Would you rather know what's coming, rather than being uncertain?

When you're uncertain, take your level of certainty back one notch to when you are certain, and it might just help you entertain some uncertainty and take the next step. 

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts. 

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A Visit from the CIO and the Doctor

Oct 12, 2020

I recently had a visit from 2 old friends - the CIO and the Doctor. The CIO, being the Chief Imposter Officer and the Doctor, being Dr. Doubt. Listen to the video to hear more.

When you're faced with the imposter monster, when you don't feel like you're worthy, or good enough, or no one's really listening, what do you do? How do you handle doubt when it creeps in?

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A Tribute to Dads

Sep 04, 2020

It’s Father's Day in Australia this weekend. There might be many of you that can’t get to see or connect with them because of your isolation/lockdown situation. Some may have passed since last Father's Day. I lost my father when I was 10 years old. I wrote this some time after to try and express how much I missed him…and still do.

Dad, I need some advice

Is it a Ford or a Rover I can’t tell

The other kids, they know very well

Which classes to take?

Should I bake a cake?

Dad, I need some advice


When to come home 11 or 10?

It’s my choice since I don’t know when

Is she good enough?

Girlfriends and all that stuff

Dad, I need some advice


Mum’s at the edge and she took the step

How do I bring her back help, help, help

Never a day goes by without a tear in my eye

Dad, I need some advice


The years have passed slow or it seems so

Questions unanswered, shadowed sunbeams

Just to talk even to silently walk



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What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Jul 28, 2020

Brilliant question asked by my colleague David Sollars. The question didn't make sense at first but it got me thinking - when I'm stuck on something, what do I do?

I don't remain stuck forever so I must do something that creates some psychological mobility.

I've realised I have 2 defaults - a healthy and an unhealthy option. My unhealthy option means I check my phone for news updates and my healthy option means I go outside for air.

I'm attempting to collate 100 options to read your comments. What do you do when you don't know what to do?

#21whispers #mindset #progress

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Jun 29, 2020

Have you got happiness the wrong way around? Listen to the video to find out more.

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Perspective - Use it or lose it

Jun 19, 2020
I'm fortunate and humbled to live in a beautiful part of the world and whenever I stand here and gaze it helps me get perspective - I'm humbled how small I am and how everything seems to fit in the right place.

Before I act - Is it the right thing to do?

Questioning my beliefs - Does it help or hinder?

When making a decision I get perspective using the 10-10-10 philosophy - How will I feel about it in 10 mins; 10 months; 10 years.

I was reminded by Newell Eaton about another perspective. Before making comment/judgement ask yourself
1) is it true
2) is it necessary
3) is it kind

Perspective - how do you get yours?
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The Cubic Centimetre

Jun 05, 2020

Occasionally we are given a cubic centimetre of opportunity to make a change...for everyone.

Join me on Thursday 11th June to design the story of who.

Missed the webinar - sign up for the toolkit here to catch the replay.


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Jun 03, 2020

Maybe one day it will just be called working.

As we head into Covexit why would home or the office be the only locations worthy of a title?

I’m sure many of you have ‘worked’ from a random selection of places over the last few months.

Personally, I’ve ‘worked’ from these places over the last few months: The local café; on the bus to the city; in the car on the way home; my bed before sleep; whilst having dinner; the kitchen; the bedroom; the garden; the garage; and many more.

The WFH/WFO dilemma also provoked some random thoughts about other aspects of location.

Perhaps we should consider working from these places…

Working from your head, your heart, your gut or your soul

Working from within yourself, despite yourself or beyond yourself

On reflection I’ve also worked from a selfish perspective; a client perspective; a revenue perspective; a selfless perspective; an experimental perspective; a colleagues perspective; a sharing...

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Podcast with Gavin Ingham - What's the question your future life is asking you right now?

May 26, 2020

Awesome conversation with Gavin Ingham about all things 21 Whispers.

Delighted to hear that a couple of questions continued to keep him pondering.

What's the question your future life is asking of you right now?

Love to hear your answers.


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