#55 Freedom Fridays Podcast Mid-Season Recap

Season #2

Pete has enjoyed his recent chats with guests of the Freedom Fridays podcast and we are grateful for their time and expertise. As we are over halfway through the year we thought this would be a great time to recap some of the insights gained from these wonderful guests.

This episode takes a look at our guest’s answers to the question Pete uses to open each interview – In terms of the work that each guest does, what should we be seeking freedom from?

Below are the links to each guest's episodes in full and their socials should you wish to hear more of what they have to say. 

Dr. Kristy Goodwin Episode #49 show notes 
Find Kristy: https://drkristygoodwin.com/ | Instagram/drkristy 

Shane Michael Hatton Episode #50 show notes
Find Shane: www.shanemhatton.com Instagram/shanemhatton | LinkedIn/shanemhatton

Karen Simmons Episode #51 show notes
Find Karen: www.changeexec.comInstagram/thechangeexec | LinkedIn

Gabrielle Dolan Episode #52 show notes
Find Gabrielle: www.gabrielledolan.com| instagram.com/gabrielledolan.1 | LinkedIn/gabrielledolan

Conor O'Malley Episode #53 show notes
Find Conor: www.conoromalley.com.au | LinkedIn/conoromalley

Helena Clayton Episode #54 show notes
Find Helena: www.helenaclayton.co.uk[email protected] | LinkedIn/helena-clayton

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