#51 Freedom Fridays Podcast with Karen Simmons

Season #2

In episode #51 Pete chats with Karen Simmons is a complex change specialist, coach, facilitator, and founder of The Change Executive. Karen, with her 30 years of experience, has a deep understanding of what it takes to transform a business culture from the ‘inside out’. Ask Karen what her purpose is, and she’ll say it’s helping you realign with yours so you can realise your full potential. 

Pete and Karen have an in-depth conversation about being free to be who you are, the pitfalls of comparing yourself to others, and the small practices that need implementation to make lasting change. 

As part of the podcast Karen shares her penned poem Come As You Are:

If you want your team to achieve a lot more,
please leave your hierarchy at the door.
Come join the discussion as the person you are, 
be present, and curious don't judge from afar.

Open yourself up to not being 'the boss',
diversity of thought should be nurtured not lost.
Every team player has the potential to share,
tho' willingness comes when there is trust and care.

So be the boss that shows the spirit to create,
and not the one that needs to dominate.
And when you do leave your hierarchy at the door,
just watch how your team will achieve so much more!

Show Notes: Episode #51

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