#53 Freedom Fridays Podcast with Conor O'Malley

Season #2

In Episode #53 Pete chats with Conor O’Malley, a Scot with an Irish name and an English accent, who now calls himself an Australian too. Conor is an executive coach for leaders who want to learn, and be more effective leaders of their business, their team, and in society. He is also the author of “Trust – Begins and ends with self” and the creator of the life and coaching philosophy Observe | Choose | Act.

Conor and Pete chat about the definition of a leader, how it’s changing, and the importance of being a more effective leader in and of society. They discuss the internal freedom gained from letting go of a story that is holding you and how that, in turn, leads to external freedom. And they look at the concept of shifting your way of being so you can shift your way of doing.       

Show Notes: Episode #53

Find Conor O’Malley: www.conoromalley.com.au | LinkedIn/conoromalley

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