#52 Freedom Fridays Podcast with Gabrielle Dolan

Season #2

In Episode #52 Pete chats with Gabrielle Dolan, a highly sought-after keynote speaker, educator, and author. Gabrielle understands the power of storytelling in effective business communication and has found her calling as a global thought leader in strategic storytelling and real communication. Gabrielle has worked with thousands of high-profile leaders and their teams from around the world and takes the time for an enlightening and informative chat with Pete.

Gabrielle (Ral) and Pete chat about the Freedom Fridays philosophy, the importance of setting boundaries, and the tangible and intangible effects those boundaries have had on Ral’s personal and business life. They take a look at the helpful and hindering convenient stories that we all tell ourselves. And dive into the importance of bringing humanity and real-life personal stories into the world of business communication.

Show Notes: Episode #52

Find Gabrielle Dolan: www.gabrielledolan.com| instagram.com/gabrielledolan.1 | LinkedIn/gabrielledolan

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