#74 Freedom Fridays Podcast Featuring Sharon Seivert

Season #3

In this episode, Pete chats with author and experienced business consultant Sharon Seivert. They discuss some of the challenges facing leaders now and into the future. Sharon shares the elements of Balanced Leadership – Core | Vision | Mission | Interact with people | Structure | Synergy – based on her latest book and they explore how those elements might show up for every level of the leadership experience.

Sharon shares some key thoughts about how to resist using fear, facts and force to influence and instead how to leverage the Superpowers explored in her latest book.

Sharon generously shares plenty of reference material in the below show notes.

Show Notes: Episode #74

Find Sharon Seivert:www.CoreCoachingConsulting.com | LinkedIn/sharonseivert

For more on Pete Clark, 21 Whispers: www.21whispers.com Instagram/thewhispersguy | LinkedIn/peteclark21whispers

Reference Material:

1. Sharon's latest book: The Superpower of Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times

2. Get a free PDF about "What's In It for Me?" and learn more about the Balanced Leadership Program for senior leaders & business owners: www.Core-learning-services.org/superpower

3. Free events from our Core Community where I teach quick ways to remove common obstacles to people's progress and felt freedom! -- www.core-learning-service.org/community-main

4. The one-hour high-productivity recommendation I described that gets people "in the Zone" to change/increase the effectiveness of their time: www.corelearningzone.com