#72 Freedom Fridays Podcast Featuring Calvin Chilchik

Season #3

In Episode 72 Pete chats to Calvin Chilchik, Head of Club of United Business Sydney.

Moving from South Africa to Australia as a 14-year-old boy brought all sorts of challenges and Calvin shares how some of those experiences have shaped his life. Bouncing between a music career, university, retail stores, and now a business owner Calvin encourages us to ‘do the daunting stuff' and what it's taught him.

From triggers that shifted his identity, building belief in himself, to gratitude for the sacrifice his parents made in moving their family across the world, Pete and Calvin explore some of the challenges in owning and running a business; what it’s like to lead a team as an entrepreneur; believing in others; and overcoming the normal fears that show up when doing the daunting stuff.

Show Notes: Episode #72

Find Calvin Chilchik: www.cub.club | LinkedIn/calvin-chilchik | Instagram/clubofunitedbusiness

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