#63 Freedom Fridays Podcast with Alex Moffat

Season #2

This week Pete chats with his first-ever guest on the podcast, Alex Moffat.

Alex’s circumstances have changed since they first spoke and he now has far greater freedom than before. They discuss how this can be as scary as it is empowering. The conversation weaves in some tales about magic – the side hustle Alex is currently building. They also explore the emotions of being made redundant and the distinction between the ‘role’ being made redundant and not ‘the person’ being made redundant. If you find yourself in the space of having too much freedom or time on your hands then Alex offers some real-life ‘live’ examples of what you can do to balance the uncertainty.

Show Notes: Episode #63

Find Alex Moffat: www.alexmoffat.au | LinkedIn/alex-moffat | Instagram/al.moffat

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