in-sights vs. insights possibility valuable mistakes Dec 05, 2021

Welcome to Week #45

What whispers did you hear from #44

Everyone cries – or at least they should from time to time – when was the last time you did?

Have you considered the impact you may have had on someone without knowing?

Have you managed to let go of anything?

What’s struck me this week?

1. The art (and science) of possible

Think of the standard 2 x 4 Lego brick

How many different combinations of shapes are possible? How many different ways could you combine 6 standard 2 x 4 Lego bricks?

Before you Google it, have a guess. It would be quite a lot given each brick has 8 nodes. What do you think? What’s possible?

2. Had any in-sights lately?

Now you might be thinking “insights”? I know what an insight is. Merriam-Webster’s defines insight as:

1. The ability to understand people and situations in a very clear way

2. An understanding of the true nature of something

3. The power or act of seeing into a situation

4. The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively

All very important and powerful in terms of understanding our relationship with everything external to us – you could call them outsights if you like. In-sights are the same…only looking inward.

Think of a situation that’s been quite challenging for you recently and pause to ponder the following:

1. What do you understand about yourself more clearly having experienced that situation?

2. What understanding has revealed itself to be aligned to a deeper sense of self?

3. Most everyone else gets to see our veil or mask that we present to the world – what did the experience reveal for you that most wouldn’t get to see?

4. What do you now sense more intuitively about your inner world?

3. Question of the week - What’s the most valuable mistake you’ve ever made?

Of course, we all make mistakes. Big ones, small ones, unconscious ones, ones we won’t see the consequences of until later. The popular press would have us believe that mistakes are good and we should make them fast. Maybe. Sometimes our mistakes are painful in the present but later reveal themselves to be a blessing in disguise. That’s the sort of mistake I’m interested in. So what about you? What was the blessing in disguise from one of the mistakes you’ve made?

4. Quote of the week - "In the depths of winter, I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer" Albert Camus

Despite the winter – seasonally or psychologically – whatever you might be going through keep active hope for the summer within you that might be revealed.

5. How many Lego brick combinations?

The answer has been worked out by a Professor of Mathematics based at the University of Copenhagen.

Staggeringly, the number of possible combinations is 915,103,765!!!

Most of us never get anywhere near close to guessing the answer because it’s so far beyond our capacity for what we think is possible – even those that take a wild guess. So, when you are confronted with a problem or a challenge remember the Lego brick puzzle and maybe there’s another possibility?

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6. Freedom Fridays Podcast

My weekly conversation with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We explore some of the big changes people have gone through and what’s helped the journey. The intention is to share as openly as possible some of the ingredients – the good, the bad, the ugly – that shape our shift from ‘I have to’ into ‘I choose to’. The lessons are hiding in open sight within the conversation – it’s up to you how you apply them.

This week I chat with Glin Bayley founder of Heart of Human, author and host of the Unstoppable Woman podcast and 8-week online life changer.

Glin gets raw and vulnerable pretty quickly as she recounts her life journey over the last few years. It’s such an eye and heart-opener that anyone, not just women, will be touched by the story and how Glin made it to where she is today.

It’s become a little pattern for me that the conversation gets into flow and we jabber away and lose track of time so again I’ve split this into 2 parts. Part #1 is the raw story of what Glin has made peace with to be where she is today. She talks about how she has used gratitude to counter grief and the power of 5 mins a day for 4.5 years!

Click to listen to Episode #43 Part #1 with Glin Bayley.



That's all for this week and I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #45.

Feedback is my fuel so if you have any comments please send me an email at [email protected] and let me know your thoughts.





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