Episode #43 Freedom Fridays Podcast with Glin Bayley (Part 1)

Season #1

This week Pete chats with Glin Bayley, founder of Heart of Human, author and host of the Unstoppable Woman Podcast and 8 week online life changer. Glin gets raw and vulnerable pretty quickly as she recounts her life journey over the last few years. It’s such an eye and heart-opener that anyone, not just women, will be touched by the story and how Glin made it to where she is today. It’s become a little pattern for me that the conversation gets into flow and we jabber away and lose track of time so again I’ve split this into 2 parts. Part #1 is the raw story of what Glin has made peace with to be where she is today. She talks about how she has used gratitude to counter grief and the power of 5 mins a day for 4.5 years!

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Show Notes: Episode #43