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Don’t let your best smile get lost in all the ‘one days’

Inspiration is all around us – even at the dentist.

For context, I dislike the dentist experience intensely and despite all the work I’ve done on mindset I’m choosing to remain scared and wimpy when visiting the dentist.

We all have our achilles heel(s) – one of mine is anything to do with my teeth.

I’ve gotten significantly better at not over-dosing on anxiety prior to the check-up, but as soon as I step into the surgery that smell hits me and the drill-noise chills me to the bone.

So, when I’m done I’m out of there as fast as I possibly can.

That said, as I was making the payment the headline quote above was right in front of me – albeit marketing a product and company creating Hollywood smiles.

But it got me thinking – you can swop the word ‘smile’ with anything you want. Check out some of these "One Day I'll..." examples inspired by the advertisement:

One day I'll take a pottery class.

One day I'll run a marathon.

One day I'll take an extended holiday.

One day I'll go trekking in the Himalayas.

One day I'll start my own business.

One day I'll ride around India on the back of a motorcycle.

One day I'll join a music group.

One day I'll start yoga.

One day I'll travel around Australia.

One day I'll learn to play the drums.

One day I'll retire.

One day I'll learn to speak Italian.

One day I'll learn to knit.

One day I'll build my dream house.

One day I'll visit where my ancestors are from.

So what? Here’s a little thought experiment you could try.

1. Create your own One Day list?

2. Go through the list and change ‘One Day’ to ‘Day One' with something on the list.

3. What’s one small thing you can do to get started on Day One now?

Quote of the week
You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy - Nightbirde

Don’t wait until life is easy (most of us know it’s never coming) before you turn your One Day’s into Day One’s.

Don’t wait. Get started with something really small. So small that it’s easy and even easier to repeat the next day.

Question of the week:
When is making a start better than waiting for perfect conditions?

Always. End of.

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