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Welcome to Weekly Whisper #124.

What's your spicy quest?

Recently, my eldest daughter asked me a simple yet profound question: "Dad, what’s your job?". I couldn't help but chuckle. After more than two decades on this planet, you'd think she would know, right?

For context, she’s a practising psychologist so is inherently interested in growth, human potential and how to help people define and live their best lives.

Like last week’s whisper – if communications is your job then you’re also in the receiving and interpretation game.

Despite all the titles I’ve been given over the years – conference speaker, leadership consultant, executive coach, strategic facilitator, and so on – what truly defines the game I'm in?

Well the answer to the ‘real’ game that I’m in, as I've come to realise, is a fusion of two seemingly distinct aspects: inspiring exceptional performance in the life of my clients' businesses and inspiring exceptional performance in the business of their lives. These two facets are intricately linked, as professional transformation rarely takes place too far ahead of personal transformation.

So, to answer my daughter I began describing some of the scenarios and situations that I find myself in whilst attempting to play the infinite game I’m in.

The Challenge of Interpretation: Everything I say, do, respond to, ignore, double-click on, leave space for – consciously or unconsciously - is open to interpretation. Given that every person perceives the world through a unique lens, agreement can easily take a backseat to misinterpretation.

Navigating Un/Familiar Terrain: I constantly switch between familiar terrain where I can operate with a degree of certainty and yet still stumble, to uncharted and unfamiliar terrain where uncertainty is common and I may have no idea what’s beneath my feet or what’s around the next corner or comment.

Intellectual Curve Balls: Participants throw academic, emotional, assumptive, procedural, defensive, curious curve balls at will, at any time. Some are anticipated, while many I only see once they’ve been thrown.

Influence Without Authority: I'm required to influence in rooms where I have minimal credibility, authority, relationship equity or tenure. The impact of this influence lingers far beyond the immediate interaction – positively and/or negatively.

Creating Safe Psychological Spaces: I’m tasked with creating a safe psychological environment where people are ready, willing and able to sit with discomfort in a space made by someone that they have no certainty has their back or bests interests at heart.

Pushing Boundaries: I’m asked to challenge people and their thinking, pushing them beyond their comfort zones without ever really knowing where the line is…until I've crossed it. My aim is to hold space for them as gracefully as possible.

Converting Intangibles: I'm continually challenged to transform intangible value into concrete outcomes for clients, with objectives that may/may not be feasible, realistic, necessary, or achievable.

Personal Growth: Simultaneously, while doing the personal work on me that I’m asking others to do on themselves which inadvertently grants me the permission to have that voice in the room.

My daughter's response to this glimpse into my world? "Wow, that's a spicy quest!"

And indeed, it is.

And I love every hard-earned, bruising, fulfilling, terrifying and beautiful minute of it.

I consider myself truly blessed, humbled, and grateful to be able to call this quest my work.

But why am I sharing this with you? It's not merely to offer insight into my life but to encourage you to reflect on your own spicy quest.

We’re all on a spicy quest of some nature.

Regardless of the role you're in or the challenges you're currently facing, consider all the bumps and holes you have to navigate to stay on your feet. Remember that you are on a spicy quest of your own. Give yourself credit, a tiny invisible self-congratulatory pat on the back, dust yourself off, and continue forward. Not because it's easy, but because your quest is spicy.

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