#78 Freedom Fridays Podcast Featuring Steve Ellis

Season #3

In Episode 78 Pete chats to Steve Ellis, a long-time friend and colleague who works in the same leadership and change space.

Most will have heard the expression “the cobblers shoes”. Apparently, it derives from an old Spanish proverb which roughly translates to 'the cobbler's children have no shoes'. This means that someone with a specific skill (e.g. leadership and change) is often so busy assisting others that their own affairs (e.g. leadership and change) go unattended.

The reason this is so relevant to the conversation is that Steve had a significant health scare recently and had to change his behaviour significantly. Being a leadership and change expert ‘that should be easy'…said no-one! 

Pete and Steve dive into the classic ways to change our behaviours and share some polar opposite distinctions about what worked and didn’t work for Steve going through his lived experience of changing his own behaviour.

If you or anyone you know needs to change behaviour then this is a must listen.


Show Notes: Episode #78

Find Steve Ellis: www.arcadiaconsulting.com/ | LinkedIn/steve-ellis 

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