#75 Freedom Fridays Podcast Featuring Pete Lawson

Season #3

In Episode 75 Pete chats to another Pete – Pete Lawson, a livestock farmer based in country NSW. They met through a mutual friend and connected whilst completing the Overland Track in Tasmania.

What was intriguing about Pete’s story is the framework he was introduced to as a 19-year-old that he has used in setting and delivering on his goals ever since – not just for himself but his entire family! It’s a practical take on the "Know, Do, Be" goal-setting framework in which they chat about on-farm and off-farm assets; caring for the landscape beyond his tenure; and what sort of person he wanted to be and how that’s evolved.

It's a great example of the practical and genuine application of a theoretical framework that Pete wasn’t aware he was following. Tune in to hear some real-life examples of how you can bring it to life.

Show Notes: Episode #75

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