#71 Freedom Fridays Podcast Featuring Aly King-Smith

Season #3

In Episode 71 Pete chats with long-time colleague and fellow facilitator and coach Aly King-Smith. The conversation loops between strategies to effectively address burn-out, how to re-invent yourself for the next life chapter, and whether you’re inflicting or inflicted. A wide-ranging conversation with some gold if you listen to what’s between the words.

Aly King-Smith is the Director of Clearworks Coaching, who specialise in coaching senior leaders in the STEM sector; and has newly founded A Listening Life which is built entirely to support coaches who are running out of steam in building a financially sustainable practice. The podcast explores stories and top tips from successful peers who have managed to crack the puzzle, and build profitable businesses, using their coaching. Aly is currently writing a self-coaching workbook for coaches to use as their supportive friend.

Anyone interested in the conversation about gendered language may like the book “Hysterical: Exploding the myth of gendered emotions” by Pragya Agarwal.

For people interested in burnout, there are hundreds of books to discover.  Aly likes new, research-based book Running on Empty: Navigating the dangers of burnout at work by Dr Amy Bradley and Katherine Semler.


Show Notes: Episode #71

Find Aly King-Smith: www.clearworkscoaching.co.uk | LinkedIn/alykingsmith | Instagram/alisteninglife

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