#65 Freedom Fridays Podcast with Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

Season #2

This week Pete chats with Karan Ferrell-Rhodes who is the founder and CEO of Shockingly Different Leadership.

Of course, he asked about the genesis of the name and how they were shockingly different. Pete & Karan also explored the 7 differentiating leadership tactics based on the research from Karan’s book Lead At The Top of Your Game. The conversation weaved between imposter syndrome and intellectual horsepower, touching on such topics as intrapreneurship and being stakeholder savvy.

An informative listen for those keen to understand how to differentiate themselves.

Show Notes: Episode #65

Find Karan Ferrell-Rhodes: www.shockinglydifferent.com | LinkedIn/karan-rhodes | Instagram/shockinglydifferent

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