#58 Freedom Fridays Podcast with Steph Clarke

Season #2

In Episode #58 Pete chats with Steph Clarke. Steph is a facilitator and modern-day L&D program and curriculum designer, a visual and graphic designer, and an auditor in a past life. Steph reimagines organisational learning. Her combination of skills and experiences allow her to channel her energy into what she enjoys and is excited by the organisations that are rethinking and challenging how people work and learn at work. Steph is an advocate of ongoing learning and enjoys breaking it down into bite-sized shareable chunks through her podcast Steph’s Business Bookshelf Podcast.

Steph and Pete chat about their shared love of books and the prerequired reading for leaders who want to get things done and lead people well. Steph gives her definition of trust which is an amalgamation of definitions expertly put together by the best. And they discuss learning goals, recognition of learning, and what aspiring companies can achieve in this area.

Show Notes: Episode #58

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