#57 Freedom Fridays Podcast with Kristin Taylor

Season #2

In Episode #57 Pete chats with Kristin Taylor. Kristin Taylor, M.A. is a life and executive coach. She brings over 20 years of counseling and coaching experience and blends elements of neuroscience, nervous system and emotional regulation, mindfulness, and psychology into her approach, relying heavily on teaching self-compassion. Kristin specialises in working with leaders who are experiencing unwelcome levels of stress, anxiety and imposterism.

Pete and Kristin chat about nervous system dysregulation. What’s that I hear you think. The essence of it is that our body stores stress in various forms and when our body is in chronic stress mode – think pandemic and post-pandemic – it can activate stress chemicals that lead to burnout. Kristin offers some practical solutions and some fascinating sidebar references to handling the stress our body takes on and helps with some tips to align our mind and body.

Podcast references:

Tara Brach RAIN: Recognise, Allow, Investigate, Nurture

Explaining neuroplasticity YouTube link 

Michael Newton - Newton Institute

Show Notes: Episode #57

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