Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020

Maybe one day it will just be called working.

As we head into Covexit why would home or the office be the only locations worthy of a title?

I’m sure many of you have ‘worked’ from a random selection of places over the last few months.

Personally, I’ve ‘worked’ from these places over the last few months: The local café; on the bus to the city; in the car on the way home; my bed before sleep; whilst having dinner; the kitchen; the bedroom; the garden; the garage; and many more.

The WFH/WFO dilemma also provoked some random thoughts about other aspects of location.

Perhaps we should consider working from these places…

Working from your head, your heart, your gut or your soul

Working from within yourself, despite yourself or beyond yourself

On reflection I’ve also worked from a selfish perspective; a client perspective; a revenue perspective; a selfless perspective; an experimental perspective; a colleagues perspective; a sharing perspective; a giving perspective…and the list goes on.

Where do you do your best work from?



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