A Tribute to Dads

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2020

It’s Father's Day in Australia this weekend. There might be many of you that can’t get to see or connect with them because of your isolation/lockdown situation. Some may have passed since last Father's Day. I lost my father when I was 10 years old. I wrote this some time after to try and express how much I missed him…and still do.

Dad, I need some advice

Is it a Ford or a Rover I can’t tell

The other kids, they know very well

Which classes to take?

Should I bake a cake?

Dad, I need some advice


When to come home 11 or 10?

It’s my choice since I don’t know when

Is she good enough?

Girlfriends and all that stuff

Dad, I need some advice


Mum’s at the edge and she took the step

How do I bring her back help, help, help

Never a day goes by without a tear in my eye

Dad, I need some advice


The years have passed slow or it seems so

Questions unanswered, shadowed sunbeams

Just to talk even to silently walk



Sometimes I feel your guiding hand

Making me listen to a different band

Are you sure? Intentions are pure

Dad, I need some advice


Instead of asking I’m now being asked

Time for my soul to be unmasked

She’s looking at you through me thinking what will I be?

Asking “Daddy, I need some advice


It’s time to go, time to depart

Except, that is, for my burning heart

Don’t mind if I do sit down with you

Dad, I‘ll heed your advice


To all the types of Dad out there - past, present and future – I salute you.


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