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Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

What a crazy few days it’s been around the world.

I thought I’d share a lighter note as an example of how this whispering thing might work.

A couple of weeks ago I shared the letter I wrote to my daughter on her 18th birthday as an example of how our actions echo in eternity and we'll never know when our influence starts or ends.

Here’s the series of whispers that followed that post.

Coincidental or serendipitous? You decide.

Post the post I received some humbling comments about the impact it had on others.

I shared those comments with my daughter and she'd forgotten most of the content from the letter.

I’m not sure exactly what part of the letter whispered to her, but something did.

The next day, she decided to apply for positions with organisations that brought her head, heart, gut and soul aligned and alive. Even though nothing suggested they were looking for new employees.

She was unsure how to address her email and asked me for advice. Of course, I opened this up to the workshop I was running and posed the question, “If you weren't necessarily hiring what would the email header have to say that would cause you to open it..."

We brainstormed some ideas.

I shared the ideas with my daughter.

She took action and sent a note to an organisation she would love to work for with a cheeky email header entitled Your next employee...

She took ages to press send.

She was searching for her voice - would they hear me?

She got an almost immediate reply.

Since then the employer has been in touch and requested an interview.

My daughter attended an interview a few weeks ago.

Pause for dramatic effect…she got the job 😊.

She’s only been there a few days but loves it and feels like she’s found a new tribe.

My post triggered a series of whispers gently nudging her into a space where she could believe in herself, from a letter she read many years ago.

Words she had already read, but at a time (in her life /day/journey) where she was now ready to hear them shout.

Of course, my post was triggered by someone else believing in me more than I believed in myself.

Had he not nudged me along the way I may never have posted.

And so, it goes on.

So, take a moment, pay it forward and believe in someone who doesn’t quite believe in themselves right now.

You never know.

You might plant a thought that will grow and grow and echo in eternity.

Bounce forward with a free toolkit here.

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