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Move the universe

This is Whisper #91.

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I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved the universe 😊

I tread a very thin line in the work I do with clients. My intention is to acknowledge and accept their aspirations and support – nudge, push, pull, cajole, bark, whisper – them reaching their potential.

Unfortunately, neither of us knows exactly where that line of potential is. The line between inside and outside their comfort zone is relatively easy to expose. Ask someone to do something uncomfortable within their capability and most people give it a go and discover whether their comfort zone has expanded or not.

I’m talking about the other line – the line that separates you from your potential when you’re outside your comfort zone. That’s into dark, uncharted, unknown territory. Neither of us really know where and when they’ll hit the second line.

The thin line that I tread is to support – through nudging, cajoling, pushing, pulling, whispering, barking, ignoring, and anything else that might support - them to discover where that second line is. Then they can choose what to do.

Admittedly, when they hit the second line sometimes they bounce backwards and shut down – it’s been too much. Sometimes, I’m seen as the culprit and the cause and I have to navigate the unintended consequences.

Sometimes, they hit it and sit with the discomfort - they’re building discomfort muscle. I’m with them walking alongside. They stay with it and then choose what to do next.

Sometimes, they hit it and keep going. Taking another small step, then another, then another. They discover the line by themselves and build agency in their capability to repeat when they like.

And that’s the mystery. Your second line keeps moving until it doesn’t.

Are you willing to be made uncomfortable because it will keep you moving?

Are you willing to not only step outside your comfort zone but keep going to discover the second line?

Question of the week:
Are you living inside the questions?

With every question I share do you metaphorically climb in and peer out at the world through the lens of the question? If the question doesn’t immediately stimulate another thought do you allow it to pass through?

I wonder what your life would be like if you took each question and lived inside it for a week?

Quote of the week:
We feel most comfortable when things are certain but we feel most alive when they're not - Chip & Dan Heath The Power of Moments

It’s an interesting balance. Too much certainty = boredom. Too much uncertainty = stress.

Thought experiment – What’s your definition of being ‘most alive’? When do you feel most alive? Doing what? In what circumstances? With whom? Note the times when you feel most alive and see what you can do to replicate the circumstances.

Did you catch last weeks new release?
Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #68 featuring Jim Steele

Pete chats to a long-time colleague, author, and fellow Ironman – Jim Steele. They dive deep into Jim’s latest book Unashamedly Superhuman exploring the possible balance between performance and well-being. Often perceived to be polar opposites Jim explains how certain aspects of our well-being can support high performance and vice versa.

In Jim’s words, the book moves the reader ‘beyond strapline to strategy’ and shares some simple performance and well-being hacks that might surprise you. If you’ve ever been interested in getting into ‘flow’ by design and not by accident there’s plenty to take from the conversation.


That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #91.

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