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How resistant are you to what is?

One of the goal-setting tasks I consider for a new year is, what’s my word of the year? What word would encapsulate a high-level theme relevant to me during the coming year? What word, if I reminded myself of it regularly, would shorten the odds of me becoming a better version of myself?

One of the words I’ve chosen this year is 'Acceptance'. As I reflected on 2022 I recognised a tendency, particularly when stressed, busy, or overwhelmed, to get frustrated when things didn’t quite work out the way I'd hoped or expected. Not every time, but sometimes the way things worked out was better for all concerned anyway.

So, it got me thinking – what if I were to accept ‘what is’?

What if instead of arguing or debating or getting frustrated with what happened I found a way to accept it, in order to move on or through it? I’m not necessarily saying agree with it, but at least accept it. Would it help me come to a better, more resourceful, and more meaningful path forward?

In the past when I’ve found a way – by accident or design – of accepting the reality of the situation, I’ve been able to channel energy and attention into the next step rather than focus on what should have been. The next step may have been something I could do, something I have to let go of, or something else entirely. The point being, that my energy and attention weren’t focused on arguing with what happened, but instead focused on what might be next.

So how about you? How much resistance do you put up to what actually happened? How much do you argue with what is? How much energy and attention do you invest in trying to change the past?

Reframe National Quitting Day into National Perseverance Day

Apparently, there’s a day in January called National Quitting Day – who knew! So-called because it’s the day that on average most people quit their new year goals or resolutions.

In chatting with a buddy of mine, Jim Steele, he suggested reframing it into National Perseverance Day. An opportunity to reframe quitting into an opportunity to practice perseverance. Great reframe 😊

So, next time you feel like quitting perhaps you could reframe it as an opportunity to demonstrate determination, persistence, or perseverance and see if you push through the average.

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To help, I’ve included a link to the thought process: Extraordinary Me For 2023 Planner

 Question of the week:
What else could be true?

In working through some difficult relationship conversations I’ve found this question keeps the conversation open to potential blind spots.

If you accept that in most conversations there’s my truth, your truth, and the truth, then this question helps to focus the mind on what else could be happening.

Try it – when you're struggling with an interpretation of something, ask yourself the question “what else could be true here?” and see where your thoughts go.

Quote of the week:
Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary - The Good Quote

Go on, tell them how much you appreciate them. You never know the impact it might have. You’ll also feel good in the process. Do both of you a favour.

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #67

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During Episode #67, Pete shares his process for reflecting on 2022 and planning for 2023, his year-long commitment to continue making progress, and his two words for the year which are Space and Acceptance. Listen to the episode to hear how he's going to put it all into practice.







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