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Be yourself, everyone else is taken

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #74

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken

No one has experienced life as you have. No one has experienced ‘that’ moment at pre-school. No one has experienced ‘that’ time in school. Many people experienced ‘this’ but no one interpreted it as you did.

From our unique experiences and shared experiences no-one experiences it quite like you. You already have a unique take on the world. You are already unique. Yes, there are things to copy from others, to adapt from others, to avoid from others, to ignore in order to relate to others, to borrow from others.

We add our own signature to every experience we have.

You’re already taken so no one can be like you. So, be yourself…more.

More often, more regularly, more consistently. Be yourself, even if it’s not the best you could be.

The girl who fell from the sky

Emma Carey was on a European adventure in 2013 when she tried skydiving. Exhilarated by the opportunity, little did she realise it would change her life in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Her tandem instructor blanked out and the parachute never opened. She plummeted to the earth. Despite being severely injured miraculously she survived to tell the tale and 10 years on has written a book about her life since.

What struck me is that on her birthday she now celebrates her re-birthday. A reminder to never take much for granted and to live life to the fullest as much as possible.

There are many tales of people who survived near-death experiences and survive to live a fulsome life. I’m sure there are many more who aren’t so blessed.

It got me wondering – do I need to experience such an event to celebrate a re-birth each year? And why wait until one’s birthday? Whilst it’s an inspiring story I wouldn’t be recommending anyone ‘try this at home’.

So, what would nudge or kick us into re-evaluating our lives to the point we can celebrate a re-birth without the life-changing event? Or are we destined to live a life of normality until something miraculous happens?

Imagine if you fell from the sky and survived – what would you change about your life from that day onwards? Why wait? 😊

Question of the week:
What did the hardest thing you’ve ever done teach you about yourself?

We’ve all done hard things throughout our lives – some more than most.

When you reflect on how you got here you’ve probably been through some stuff. Some stuff we just had to get through, to survive, to cope. Other stuff helped us evolve, helped us build muscle where there wasn’t any, and got us to here.

Take a moment, think of something you’ve endured and ponder how it’s shaped you.

Quote of the week:
The best way out is through - Robert Frost

Whatever you’re going through… keep going! If you’re going through hell the best advice is… keep going!

You will get through this.

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #60 | Pete Clark discusses high performing teams

This week we're offering something a little different. Pete was invited by Karen Gately, Founder & Sensei of Corporate Dojo, as a special guest on their membership-only Work Savvy podcast available through their online learning centre.

On the show, Karen, Maddie, and Pete chat about high-performing teams.

Pete helps Karen and Maddie answer:

- What it takes to get a group of people to be a great team

- Overcoming common reasons teams struggle to collaborate

- How to accurately assess the extent to which your team is high performing




That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #74.

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