every day is a school day freedom fridays #55 mid-season recap growing old visiting home what's meant for you won't go past you with the right people you can get lost anywhere Jul 24, 2022

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #64

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reconnecting with family and friends in the UK. It’s been a hectic trip with lots of people to catch up with after the last few years.

My priority was seeing my Mum based in Edinburgh. Despite her 84 years and zero awareness of anything personal development, she repeated a few phrases that perhaps might be ‘old wives tales’ but contain a sprinkling of truth.

What’s fir ye winnae go past ye (Scottish accent)
What’s meant for you won’t go past you

Whether this is true or not is kind of irrelevant. What it does do is keep you present for what’s happening now, rather than fixated on what happened yesterday, thereby building expectations for tomorrow.

When my family were sharing with my Mum what we're all up to – jobs, careers, lives, dreams, challenges, partners, ideas, etc – she would utter at the end ‘Aye, well, what’s fir ye winnae go past ye’.

It gave all of us a sprinkling of perspective about our current situation and the un/deserved expectations we had.

So, wherever you are in life and whatever is going on and, maybe the things you think you’ve missed out on – remember, what’s fir ye winnae go past ye.

Every day is a school day

There were many things my kids taught my Mum on our visit. Mainly technology and language (words that weren’t OK to say these days!).

Every time she was confronted with something new she would say ‘Every day is a school day’.

Not burdened by what she didn’t know and freely able to admit she still had lots to learn. I wonder what the cumulative effect of learning something daily would be over a week, a month, a year, a lifetime?

What did you learn at school today?

With the right people you can get lost anywhere

There were many occasions when we sauntered and dawdled because my Mum isn’t the most mobile she’s ever been.

Despite the apparent lack of direction she would be grateful in our company and be happy to get lost anywhere with her family.

It also struck me as an interesting principle – meandering in conversation, in life, in career, etc with the right people might be as rewarding as the journey itself.

Who would you be happy to get lost with?

Don’t complain about growing old because it’s a privilege withheld from many

Poignant because she is growing old.

A little sad because many of her friends have since passed and it can be a lonely old world without friendships. However, being a Scottish stoic she wouldn’t complain. She’d be grateful for what was and happy to cuddle with her grandchildren hearing them chat to her about the world they exist in.

So, be careful what you complain about because maybe it’s a privilege withheld from many.

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #55

As we're over halfway through the year we thought this would be a great time to recap some of the insights gained from our wonderful guests over the first half of Season 2.

Episode #55 takes a look at our guest’s answers to the question Pete uses to open each interview – In terms of the work that each guest does, what should we be seeking freedom from?

Pete has enjoyed his recent chats with guests of the Freedom Fridays podcast and we are grateful for their time and expertise.



That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #64.

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