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2022 Season of Weekly Whispers #50

Welcome to the new season of Whispers
Weekly Whisper #50

I'm grateful to have you here and I look forward to getting back into the habit of sharing some thought-provoking ideas, quotes, and nudges that I hope will lead to greater fulfillment in your life and the lives of those around you.

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

I came across this question over the Christmas break. It’s been swirling around in my head ever since. Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s loud. When I watch or read some of the devasting and unbelievable events happening across the globe it shouts loud – “Pete, get on with it. What are you waiting for you numpty?!?!” An internal dialogue term of endearment 😊

When I’ve created – by design or default – the space and capacity to be present it whispers “Pete, this IS your one wild and precious life right now. Saviour it, you numpty!”.

As you navigate the inevitable twists and turns of your one wild and precious life how often can you notice – by design or default – what it’s whispering to you?

We either pay at the start or we pay at the end

One of the main challenges shared in many of my coaching interactions is how do you have a difficult conversation with someone?

It’s easy to kick the difficulty down the road hoping that it will somehow miraculously resolve itself. We hope that the difficulty will somehow peter out or the individual in question will see some sort of light and change their behaviours or ways overnight. Still waiting, eh!

Question of the week: What's your relationship with your thoughts?

How often would you unwittingly believe every word that comes from inside your head? Yes, sometimes it can be helpful. But on other occasions, it can really send us into a spin.

Even if this has caused you to repeat the question maybe it means that you’re not only your thoughts and you can have a relationship with them in the first place.

Maybe you’re more than just your thoughts.

Maybe your thoughts are there to sometimes guide, and sometimes to be thanked but ignored.

Quote of the week: "I'd rather go thirsty than drink from the cup of mediocrity"

A blessing and a curse for sure!

How will you know what’s better than just settling for whatever shows up?

Do you have agency to stretch and reach for a little more?

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #48

An exploration of what freedom means. Through a series of conversations with experts and leaders in their field, we explore some of the ways we can be free from whatever is holding us back. We’ll share some of the ingredients – easy, hard, and almost impossible.

The lessons are hiding in open sight within the conversation – it’s up to you how you apply them.

I’ve gone solo for my first recording of Season #2.

I share some reflections on my year to date and some of the questions I’m pondering… and still yet to find answers to 😊



That's all for this week and I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #50.

Feedback is my fuel so if you have any comments please send me an email at [email protected] and let me know your thoughts.





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