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Welcome to Weekly Whispers #23

What whisper did you hear from #22?

Have you paused to consider how much your thoughts might be controlling you?

Did you watch the video? Did it cause you to reconsider how you see yourself?

Are you the flower that’s bloomed in adversity?

What was your take on my gratitude and achievement dilemma?

Here's what’s struck me this week?

1. If you want to be well, the first step is to witness if illness has become an identity - the holistic psychologist

This reminded me of a couple of things. One, the importance of knowing when and how to take the ‘witness’ perspective. Can you mentally step out of your current experience and act as the witness to what’s happening? Sometimes it can help with another perspective thereby releasing us from the potential chains of our current experience.

And two, how our previous stories and narratives can be carried forward inadvertently. I used to say I was an only child. The truth is I only grew up as an only child. I actually lost a younger sister at 3 days when I was 6. I used the narrative “I’m an only child” so often as a rationale for some good/some bad behaviours that I had connected to my perceived identity as an only child.

This left me wondering how often we can substitute the word ‘illness’ for anything else and we unconsciously think and act in ways that keep us tied to the original conditioned identity.

I wonder what would happen if…healthy / successful / at peace / grateful / energised / humble / empathic / caring becomes an identity.

Now, your turn. What words would you use to signal that have become an identity?

2. Quote of the week – Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that - Rumi

Despite what you’re going through right now the odd laugh, snigger, giggle and smile can make all the difference psychologically, emotionally and neurologically. It’s also extremely contagious.

Go on, give yourself a big smile 😊 😊 😊

3. Questions of the week

I got these questions from a book called The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. All about taking your life to the next level – such a contrast from last week's question about gratitude!

Anyway, on first glance, the answers to the questions might seem obvious but when I paused, pondered, and took a little more time to reflect a little deeper my conclusions weren’t as clear. It reminded me of a quote from the book that got me started – Jonathan Livingston Seagull – If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them. Each question is a build on the previous one.

Am I willing to increase the amount of time every day that I feel good inside?

Am I willing to increase the amount of time that my whole life goes well?

Am I willing to feel good and have my life go well all the time?

Gay suggests in the book “Why not get willing and see what happens?”.

So how about you? Are you willing?

4. Freedom Fridays - Moving from I have to, to I choose to

My intention is to openly share a change I’m making within my life. I’m hoping you can take the lessons learnt and apply them to any change you want to make.

This week was predominantly about the 21st whisper – of course, it had to be!

Check out Episode #21.



That’s all for this week and I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #23.

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