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How heavy is your past?

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #147.

How heavy is your past?

Remember days of old when we use to get photos printed?

Of course, now they remain forever a prisoner of our devices. And if you are anything like me, and many of the people I know, we have good intentions of printing some out one day but never get round to it.

Saluting, of course, those that do 😊

Well, I’ve been clearing out some old photos from my family home in Edinburgh and attempting to bring them back to Australia and it struck me how heavy the bag was!

23kg of moments, some forgotten, from my past.

23kg of memories – usually good ones. Did anyone ever take a picture of a bad moment?

23kg of thin slices of time I’ve spent in the past – never to be reclaimed again.

23kg of weight to carry home – is it worth it?

I felt it was worth it and to not make the effort would somehow be stomping all over precious memories from the past.

However, it did get me thinking – metaphorically - that 23kg of my past would be quite difficult to carry around with me all the time. The truth is I already do to some degree or another. But when it’s presented as a 23kg suitcase of photos it takes on a different meaning.

Is it time I let some things go?

Are some of them now rubbish because I’ve changed?

Is it time I sorted the photos into moments I wanted to take with me to inform my future?

Are there any that I can’t let go of…and which ones would be helpful or hindering to my future?

I wonder how often I’m allowing my past to steal energy and attention from my future.

Questions of the week:
What, from your past, can you peacefully leave behind?

Perhaps you have to ritualise the peaceful and graceful ending of something to allow space for something new?

What, from your past, would be helpful to take with you to inform your future?

Perhaps there are things you’ve forgotten about that might be helpful or hindering to your future? Awareness of either gives you more choice and agency to decide intentionally.

Quote of the week:
The past is a stepping stone not a millstone. The past is in your head, whilst your future is in your hands and feet.

We all know the philosophy…learn from the past but don’t be a prisoner of it. But given so much of our lives are lived unconsciously I wonder if it’s time to do a spring clean of your past?

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