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Welcome to Weekly Whisper #145.

Winning doesn’t always come with a trophy - Max Homa

It’s Masters week. A golfing tournament that’s considered one of the major competitions. It’s played on the same course every year and is seen by some as the ultimate competition in golf.

I’m a big golf fan, despite being a sucker for golf punishment for a few decades – any golfer will understand the willingness to face frustration and incompetence every time they step onto the 1st tee 😊

Max Homa has never won a major and came joint 3rd at The Masters. Here’s what he posted afterwards:

"A potential 'too long didn’t read' upcoming: Winning doesn’t always come with a trophy. Winning is fickle. Learning, working, growing, and progressing is the dream.

"I’d love to have won a green jacket today. It hurts. Losing sucks. But, with the right mindset, losing leads to better. And my goal in life is to constantly improve and see where that takes me. Hopefully that’s major championships, and maybe it’s not.

"I’m OK with either knowing that I’m doing everything I can to make it happen. I have a sneaky suspicion it will, but that’s to be determined by future Sundays. Thank you all so much for the support this week. I can’t explain how amazing it was. I am so grateful."

Now, if you have a morsel of competition within you it’s great to win. I’m sure Homa went in to the tournament planning and preparing to win. The fact that he didn’t but, at least publicly, is willing to state a different perspective is testament to an infinite mindset of growth and development. Had he won would he have said this? Perhaps not. The fact he’s willing to take the lessons and learn, adapt, grow and ‘see where it takes him’ is the verbal demonstration of a growth mindset.

The test will be what he does on Tuesday morning after the hangover on Monday! And the next day, then the next day and so on.

Question of the week:
Do you have a learning, working, growing and progressing mindset within you? The answer is yes. When will you release it?

What would happen if you increased your learning mindset by 10%? Try it for a day or a week. On every occasion something doesn’t (and does for that matter) go the way you hoped for take a step and consider what you could learn from it and intentionally go about making some small changes. A week is along time in the learning and growth space.

Quote of the week:
If I catch myself thinking about what can go wrong, I let myself dream about what can go right - Max Homa

Great mental tip straight from the mouth of Homa’s mental coach.

- Be aware of your thinking and ‘catch’ yourself

- Does the thinking help you or hinder you – in this case thinking about what could go wrong prior to the swing probably doesn’t help

- Replace the thinking with thoughts about what can go right

Further reading: Inc.Australia - Max Homa

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode 83 featuring Liz Wagenvoort

Welcome to Episode 83 where Pete chats with Liz Wagenvoort, a dynamic wellbeing coach specialising in empowering individuals battling chronic illness. Get ready for an inspiring tale as Liz recounts her own journey of career upheaval intersecting with the challenges of chronic illness, and how she emerged stronger, guiding others along the same path.

Join Liz and Pete as they delve into the transformative power of mindset, exploring how to navigate change and cultivate resilience. From Liz's personal triumphs to the lessons learned along her journey to recovery, this conversation is insightful and empowering.


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