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Welcome to Weekly Whisper #144.

There's no way around hard work. Embrace it - Roger Federer

Rafa Nadal recently pulled out of a tennis tournament due to injury. Everyone is wondering whether we’ll see him again on a court. Roger Federer announced his retirement 2 years ago. Novak next?

This is a direct lift from Weekly Whisper 73, which I wrote at the time Federer retired. It's resonated with me again recently due to a series of client demands.

I’m curious to know if it resonates with you?

Federer said: "I’m sure many are willing to work hard. Many are willing to put the hours in. To dig deep and push through. But in working hard are you doing the hard work?"

What’s the hard work? Could it be some of the below… or none of it?

- The reflections on how you contributed to a situation you say you didn’t want

- The moment-by-moment awareness of the impact you are having on yourself and those around you

- The dull and mundane practices that deliver no immediate and tangible results

- The work to heal yourself from previous trauma

- The willingness to look into the mirror and get curious about the psychological weight you’re carrying

- The vulnerability to face into repairing a dearly held relationship

- The decisive-ness to make a longer term call on something that might have a short term impact

Are you willing to do the hard work and not just work hard?

Dear Shame & Doubt

Although you protect me from pain and suffering it stops me from being what I’m built for – the ups and downs of life help me go faster, get better and fully participate in my reality.

Watch this video for evidence

Question of the week:
Do you believe your future can be better than your past?

Whether it’s true or not you have the power and influence to make it so – either way.

Your beliefs inform the lens through which you see the world. The lens through which you see the world informs the opportunities or threats you perceive.

Our perceptions determine whether the future is better than our past.

Do you believe it? Do you want to believe it? Will you? 

Quote of the week:
Many people will panic to find a charger before their phone dies but won't panic to find a plan when their dream dies - Bunny Naidu

Has your dream died? When? Who said? Or did it just hibernate until the right season comes along?

Is there an ember still inside? What would some oxygen do to the ember? Where will you go to find the oxygen?

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