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How are you stuck?

It’s inevitable that life will throw curve balls at your head, heart, gut and feet.

Sometimes it’s relatively easy to deflect or step over the challenge.

Even if you use the well-worn and universally useful maxim ‘and so it shall pass’ there are times and situations that we find difficult to move from.

Rather than enquire ‘why am I stuck?’ perhaps ask ‘how am I stuck?’.

‘Why’ could take you down the thought-path of explanation, justification or reinforcement of the original narrative whereas ‘How’ can remind us of our agency.

So, next time you feel stuck consider some of these questions to reorientate your thinking and action.

How am I stuck?
How long do I want to be stuck for?
What could I do to move one place to the left, right, ahead or behind?
What am I pretending not to know?
What’s my story?
Is there a different story that would release me?
What would a ‘different/older/younger/braver’ version of me think and do?
What’s the stuck-ness teaching you about yourself?
What would be an easy, no risk thing to do next?
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Question of the week
See above 😊

A series of questions and thought prompts to help start momentum. Asking the questions assumes some internal agency and if you can create some thought movement then by definition you are no longer stuck.

The trick? Remembering to ask the questions when you are stuck.

Quote of the week:
Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Never confuse a moment of stuck-ness with remaining stuck. A moment of stuck-ness needs a little nudge to topple it over. What can you do to nudge the stuck-ness by 1 degree?

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