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Fireworks Year End Reflection

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #132.

Did you hear it?

What whisper shouted at you in 2023?

132 Weekly Whispers doesn’t feel like a significant number. However, I’ll let you in to a secret – showing up week after week to bring you some whispers during a year that has pushed my capacity and capability beyond boundaries I didn’t know I had, has been bloody tough but a significant highlight.

2023 has been a year unlike any other year for me, and if I can turn up week after week in a year like this then I’m committing to another year of whispers.

I do intend to take some of my own medicine and take break. I’ll be taking some time to recover and re-fresh before beginning anew in 2024.

I enjoy the thinking and creating process that each whisper requires. Each whisper is my own thinking or take on something, isn’t created by AI, and takes a varied amount of time to complete.

I’ve had more feedback than ever this year that several of the Weekly Whispers have resonated. I’m not sure what that’s telling me, but the whispers seem to be getting louder and louder.

Thank you to everyone that takes the opportunity to read, to skim, to ponder, to wonder, to miss some weeks but re-engage at a later point and even to those that I never know take the time to read – I’m grateful and humbled that you let me in.

Kudos to those that take it somewhat personally – attempting to do what’s best for them and what’s important in their lives. Not every whisper will turn into a shout, but one might. And if you keep reading and tuning in, I almost guarantee that one will at some point.

So, whilst the Weekly Whispers are free to read, they’re not cheap to produce and Season #4 will begin at some point in 2024.

I believe we tend to act and adjust our path based on what shouts at us, not necessarily what whispers. So, over to you – of the #131 Weekly Whispers I’ve produced, which one shouted something to you?

What story resonated to the point you did something different? What question disrupted your thinking and caused you to adjust your own path? What quote piqued your interest?

What whisper did you hear as a shout this year?

My 3 loudest whispers for 2023

  1. The importance of creating space AND filling it with the important stuff before it’s filled up for you
  2. If I’m busy but not making progress then what am I doing with my time, life, relationships etc?
  3. Ending and beginnings and navigating the messy middle

Another end of calendar year, same story - recover and re-fresh before renewal

For me and for many it’s been a wild, polarising, sometimes exhilarating, often exhausting year. So much noise not enough signal. So many tasks to get done and never enough time to just ‘be’. So many people to please and finding it challenging to even include myself on the list.

It’s critical that we take some time for ourselves. Time to fill our own cup. Time to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly of 2023. Every year I tweak the process that I use to create space and time for reflection and renewal. Some questions to ponder:

  • What little wins have you had this year?
  • What progress did you make on what’s important to you?
  • What were you immersed in that time passed quickly?
  • What’s defined you this year?
  • What brought you joy?
  • What endings have been significant for you?
  • How have you navigated the messy middle between endings and beginnings?
  • What begun for you in 2023?
  • What disappointments have helped you grow?
  • What boundaries will you set for 2024?

Click the image below to download the Extraordinary Me 2024 template to help guide your thinking process.

Freedom Fridays Episode 81 Pete Clark's End of Year Solo

Welcome to Episode 81 of the Freedom Fridays Podcast, marking the grand finale of 2023's journey. As a recap I would like to share a whisper from each guest that I've interviewed over the year and share with you three of the whispers that have struck me most prominently.

I take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to the incredible guests who graced our show in 2023. It's through your willingness to bare a glimpse of your mind, heart, intuition, and essence that you've made an indelible mark on our community. Thank you for turning up, showing up, and illuminating the path for others through your stories and wisdom.

I look forward to rejoining listeners in 2024 with new guests and many more whispers.




That's all for this week. If you’ve been enjoying the Weekly Whispers please feel free to forward it to friends and anyone you think would benefit.

As always, hit reply to send me your feedback or to let me know your thoughts.





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