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Welcome to Weekly Whisper #130.

The curse that I’m blessed with

In chatting with a client, they remarked how some of the questions I asked nudged them to think again, differently, affirmingly or from left field.

The question that prompted it was ‘when you think about cause and effect, in what ways are you part of the cause?’. An affirming 'I’ve got agency' type conversation followed leaving the client a little more centred and with a greater sense of what they could do/not do in their situation.

What followed was a comment that went something like ‘how do you switch this off when you’re at home, you must be a nightmare to live with!’. We chuckled… kinda!

I replied with “I find it hard to un-see, so I find it difficult, it’s the curse that I’m blessed with”. I didn’t plan it and I wasn’t clever enough to think of it beforehand, it just came out.

What’s the curse I believe I’m blessed with?

Finding myself pondering ‘cause’ a little too often.

Why is it a curse? Because on many, many occasions I sense there’s more potential – in me, in them, in the situation. There’s more potential to be tapped.

And I don’t mean more stuff. I mean more connection, more understanding, more agency, more love, more co-creation, more joy, more BLANK – you can fill in the blank for whatever you seek more of.

For me, the ‘more’ tends to be more responsibility. I believe I contribute in some ways – micro, macro, overtly, covertly, accidentally, deliberately – to almost everything that happens to me – good, bad, or ugly.

And I’m not talking blame. I’m talking about contribution.

In what ways have I contributed to this situation, therefore am able to take responsibility for?

Because if I take responsibility, I’ve got agency to make changes next time or the time after or when I remember.

It becomes a curse when it evolves into a perpetual examination of my contribution. It can be exhausting. It’s dynamic growth and it never stops.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed with it too because taking responsibility for my contribution has been a major contributor to any growth I’ve experienced over the years.

Only more recently, have I been able to be more compassionate with myself and allow a pause.

More recently I’ve occasionally been able to avoid force and just allow.

What’s the curse that you’re blessed with?

Quote of the week:

Responsibility is accepting that you are in some part of both cause and effect - Unknown

Which part do you focus on?

Question of the week:

Where or with whom are you avoiding responsibility? Where or with whom are you taking too much responsibility?

Easy questions, potentially tough answers. Pick one thing and ponder it for a while.

Freedom Fridays Episode 80 - PART 2 - Featuring Nickie Scriven

Following on from Part 1 Episode 79, here is Part 2 of our conversation with Nickie Scriven, the brilliant mind behind Chief Meta Chicks. What unfolds is a dynamic dialogue filled with inspiration, raw truths, and profound insights, serving as a powerful reminder of our human potential.

Nickie bares it all, sharing the highs and lows of her personal and professional journey, complete with imperfections and an unyielding spirit, all while conquering Ironman Triathlons. Discover the driving force behind Chief Meta Chicks, a platform designed by Nickie to empower and support women founders and business owners. Pete and Nickie explore the significance of self-appreciation, as well as the art of thoughtful leadership and acknowledging others in the way they truly desire.

Enjoy the rest of the conversation.

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