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Men can receive flowers too. Bunch of flowers

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #129.

Men can get flowers too

I’ve been navigating some tricky personal and professional circumstances over the last few weeks – no more so than anyone else and certainly mild in comparison to what’s going on elsewhere.

Nonetheless – as someone once said to me “if you’ve broken your arm it still hurts” – in comparison it was minor but as I was going through it and I was feeling it.

The point being – my kids must have noticed. And in noticing they decided, without my knowledge, to collectively acknowledge what I was going through.

And how they chose to acknowledge it is the headline above.

My mid-20’s son presented me with a card and some flowers and said “men can get flowers too, Dad” This hit me on all sorts of levels.

Of course, men can get flowers.

Swop the gender and the acknowledgment and anyone can get anything in and for acknowledgment.

Here’s where it gets a little interesting. I googled ‘men can get flowers too’.

Flowers can elicit positive social behaviour and have an immediate and long-term effect on emotional reactions, mood and social behaviours Sage Journals: An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers

Apparently, up to 90% of men will receive flowers for the first time at their funeral! Medium - Men Like Receiving Flowers, Too

For me, it’s not the flowers per se but the unconditionally and unrequested act of acknowledgement and giving.

For me to recognise, that in all that I do to attempt to serve others, there’s others who are thinking of me too.

That feels damn good.

So yeh, damn right, men can get flowers too.

Quote of the week:
You’d be surprised how quickly the mind goes soggy in the absence of other people. One person alone is not a full person: we exist in relation to others - Margaret Atwood

Help out whenever, wherever and however you can. A reminder that you never know what someone else might be carrying. An acknowledgement might lighten the load. 

Question of the week:
Who needs your unsolicited acknowledgement right now?

They may look like they are ‘bearing up’ but an unconditional acknowledgement can be so powerful and rewarding for both parties.

Go on, give someone some unconditional acknowledgement.

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