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Freedom Of Missing Out written on a blackboard

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #128.

Turn FOMO into FOMO

Yep, you read that right, turn FOMO into FOMO.

We all know what FOMO stands for – Fear Of Missing Out.

The Fear – that in saying no to something – we’ll miss out on something magical, spectacular and life-changing.

It’s rare that happens, so maybe it’s the fear of missing out… just in case, on the off-chance that this one-time produces a moment of life-changing insight that shapes your life forever. I doubt that too.

What if you swopped Fear to Freedom so FOMO now becomes - Freedom Of Missing Out?

The Freedom of Missing Out on something that wasn’t that important anyway but took up precious time and energy.

The Freedom Of Missing Out on something that you felt was an obligation and now you’re able to reclaim your own time and attention.

The Freedom Of Missing Out on something that takes up the ‘zero-space’ you have on your plate anyway.

The Freedom Of Missing Out on something that wasn’t a hell-yeah for you anyway so you can carve space for stuff that is.

Try it today, something simple. See if you can find peace, joy, humour, playfulness in deliberately missing out on something.

Doing it intentionally might kick start you reclaiming your time and energy from the unconscious drip feed of potentially missing out.

It might also help you, as the saying goes, ‘being where your feet are’.

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Quote of the week:

‘That fear of missing out on things makes you miss out on everything’ Etty Hillesum

Maybe you’re so busy capturing everything that you miss the important stuff. So busy not missing out that you don’t see the wood or the trees.

Question of the week:

What am I saying ‘no’ to by saying ‘yes’ to something else?

Our lives contain a series of trade-offs. Shall I go to this event or not? Shall I have this for dinner or something else? Shall I see them tonight or another group? Shall I give this task my attention or something else?

When saying ‘yes’ to something you’re inadvertently saying ‘no’ to something else.

What’s the consequences of that for you? Are you happy with your long-term choices?

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