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Creating space in your journey - a visual reminder

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #126.

Space - our final frontier to explore?

Monday - Too much to do today and not enough time to do it therefore I don’t make the space for reflection and contemplation.

Tuesday - Too much to do today coupled with the stuff I didn’t get done from yesterday and less time to do it in so there’s no way I can make any space for reflection and contemplation.

Wednesday - My diary is already back-to-back and I didn’t even complete some stuff from yesterday because the day ran away with me so it’s impossible to make space for reflection and contemplation.

Thursday - Dealing with an unforeseen event today so everything got pushed back. Had lunch whilst running to the next meeting at 3.30pm. Haven’t got the headspace to even think about creating space for going to the bathroom!

Friday - F*** it’s Friday – how did that happen? So much urgent stuff to cram into the few hours I have today before I leave at 4 to drive north to see my sick parents. Maybe I’ll listen to a podcast or take some time to think. Nah, calls to make to check in on some urgent matters.

And on and on it goes…

Ever feel like the above describes your life in some ways?

Of course, you can change the context, the content, the nouns, the verbs and the adjectives but it’s still the same ‘always busy, always on’ life.

And for most of us the odd few weeks (or dare I say months) are broadly manageable defined by our unique circumstance.

If not you, then I was certainly caught in this trap for longer than a few weeks. And, whilst I still get tripped up now and again, one thing that I did to try and circumvent it was that I created a visual anchor for space.

My office background is ‘real’ wall to wall bookshelves apart from one shelf. I’ve deliberately cleared that shelf as a visual trigger to remind me that time is precious and the best way to manage my time is to create space.

Space to do the important things so they aren’t gorged on by urgent things.

As we all know, our tendency is that the urgent always seems to eat away at the important.

I’m in my home office regularly so the visual prompt hits me every time I walk in. And whilst I don’t necessarily do anything about it every time, I know it’s having an unconscious effect.

What could you do to remind yourself to make space…before you’re forced to.

And we've done it!
30,000+ downloads of the Freedom Fridays Podcast

The Freedom Fridays Podcast has surpassed 30,000 downloads! This has far exceeded my expectations and I'm honoured and humbled by those of you that have taken the time to listen, so thank you.

As we celebrate this achievement, let's take a moment to revisit some of our most popular episodes featuring guests Dr. Kristy Goodwin (Episode 73), Jim Steele (Episode 68), and Alison Cameron (Episode 59). If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to these enlightening discussions, why not make us your audio companions during your next drive, walk, or bus ride?

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