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Welcome to Weekly Whisper #116.

I'm welcoming the opportunity to dance with imperfection

This was my somewhat off-the-cuff response recently to a ‘how are you doing’ question. In the past my responses to the ‘how are you doing’ question have been some form of cliché - “I’m doing great thanks” or “I’m really busy thanks”. All perfectly acceptable in certain circumstances.

I believe we live our lives within our language, so I started experimenting with my response and changed it on occasions to “I’m making progress thanks”.

Almost out of nowhere when asked “how are you doing today, Pete?” the words above poured out of my mouth.

For context, the day I responded with the language above my diary was shook from pillar to post. Meetings and conversations postponed, re-scheduled, cancelled and then re-booked when we couldn’t find a suitable alternative – all part and parcel of a normal day for many.

For me, on this particular day it got under my skin more than usual and I sensed I was getting a tad more frustrated as the day progressed. In trying to respond authentically (bearing in mind my experimentation of different responses to ‘how are you’) these words popped out. Of course, a groan and a bit of courteous banter followed from those present in the meeting.

In retrospect, it got me thinking on a couple of fronts.

Welcoming – this changes our relationship to something. When you welcome someone/thing you’re usually pleased to see it/them as they ‘add’ in some way to your life circumstances.

Opportunity – a reminder that wishing for more *tolerance, patience, compassion, resilience etc is less effective than using the opportunities that present themselves to us as moments to practice the things we say we want more of.

Dance – when we dance sometimes, we lead, sometimes we’re led. When we dance sometimes, we’re on the front foot, sometimes on the back. When we dance there’s a flow to it (despite how good a dancer you might think you are or aren’t!). When we dance sometimes, we fall over ourselves, sometimes it feels like we’re in flow. Dancing is an infinite practice rather than a finite practice – you can start, stop and start again whenever you please.

Imperfection – we’re reminded every day life is a ‘dance’ between perfection and imperfection. If we get caught up and attached to one particular mode, then we’ll get bent out of shape soon enough. Accepting the dance between perfection and imperfection and everything in between might create capacity for us to respond in a more optimal way.

So, how about you? How will you welcome the opportunity to dance with imperfection?

Questions of the week:

When will you welcome the unwelcome?
It’s the stuff that makes us grow.

What opportunities will you seek to in order to practice?
It’s the stuff that makes us better.

Are you dancing or duelling with life?
The dance brings a different energy.

Can you treat imperfection the same way you’d treat perfection?
This allows us to be more in flow.

Quote of the week:
Those who do not move do not notice their chains - Rosa Luxemburg

It’s not until you step that you realise where the constraints – real or perceived might be.

The chains might be real and therefore how might you navigate your way around them?

The chains might be perceived and therefore how might you bust through them?

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode 76 - Pete Clark Solo

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Tune in to hear about pausing to look back but focusing on what’s in front of you; Going together but at your own pace: how peer pressure exists at any age; and some reflections on the eclectic hiker.



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