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Welcome to Whisper #106.

A healthy person wants 1000 things, the sick person only one - Confucius

This became particularly prominent for me after a recent bout of toothache. I’m sure for any of you who've experienced toothache, the one and only driver and focus of your attention and energy is to reduce and remove the pain.

Whilst that might be obvious, it got me thinking about other aspects of my health – the less obvious and less acute but nonetheless micro energy-draining aspects of my health that I would typically only pay attention to when they're broken.

I’ll drink water when I’m thirsty.

I’ll go to the dentist when toothache strikes.

I’ll visit the chiropractor when my back hurts.

I’ll make an appointment with the physio when I’ve injured my calf.

I’ll schedule an appointment with the GP when my stomach pain has lasted longer than expected.

I’ll speak to a therapist when my mental health is out of whack.

You get the picture – it’s often when our health is ‘shouting’ that we take action.

And even then some people wait until the very last moment.

Everything needs maintenance. Our health needs maintenance before it shouts.

As the old proverb goes – ‘it’s easier to fix the roof when the sun is shining’

What do you do to maintain your health when you are healthy?

How would you define your health?

Physical? Mental? Emotional? Relational? Financial? Holistic? Spiritual? All of the above?

What can you do today to get back on track with maintaining your health so you can put your attention on the other 999 things?

Quote of the week:
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book – Irish Proverb

Everything always seems to feel a bit better if not different after restorative sleep or a good old laugh.

When was the last time you spontaneously belly-laughed so loud that people around you looked 😊

Question of the week:
What circumstances would cause you to start to invest in your health rather than spend, waste or take it for granted?

Often it’s a health scare that motivates us – either us or someone close to us.

Our health is ‘broken’ and we begin the process to fix it.

What could you do consistently to maintain your health before you need it rather than when you need it?

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode 73 Featuring Dr Kristy Goodwin

In Episode #73 we have returned guest, Dr. Kristy Goodwin joining Pete to chat about her new book ‘Dear Digital, We Need To Talk'. Dr. Kristy Goodwin is an award-winning digital wellbeing and productivity expert, researcher, author, speaker, and media commentator who provides science-backed solutions to optimise wellbeing and productivity in a digital world.

Pete and Kristy chat about the digital pull impacting not only our kids and teens, but all of us, the high rate of burnout, the rise of Chat GBT, and the top three tech-based micro habits that will make the biggest difference to small business owners.









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