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Welcome to Whisper #104.

Are you a happy lucky idiot?

I’m sure many of us don’t feel like we have the time to do any of those tasks let alone meaningfully.

Ironically, we have a finite jar of time and yet we trick ourselves into thinking otherwise.

Time is the paint through which we get to create the masterpiece of our lives.

Yet we live our lives moment by moment… and those moments pass by in the blink of a moment.

We all have the illusion of time and for most of us we’ll never know how much and when it will run out.

If all you do is squander or spend your time rather than invest it then you’ll be an unhappy idiot.

Be a happy lucky idiot and be grateful because you get to invest some of your time on the things you think are important.

Here’s to dipping into being a happy lucky idiot now and again.

The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot - Michael Altshuler

I’m sure many of you know this and you’ve heard or read many similar messages over the years.

Maybe it even brought a wry smile to your face in the middle of doing something else.

Maybe it made you pause for a moment and think beyond your current moment – I’d guess there was someone else involved too.

So, I share this not as an ‘Aha’, ‘Oh Shit’, or ‘21st Whisper’ moment but purely as a reminder.

A reminder to focus as much time of your time on what’s important.

A reminder that we have a finite amount of time and the clock never stops for a timeout.

A reminder that we don’t get to rewind the clock but get to choose what time the clock says.

A reminder that you may be the pilot for someone else as they navigate tough weather conditions.

Questions of the week:
Where are you flying to?
Who are the passengers?
Is it multi-destination?
Who’s your co-pilot?
Are you flying with full visibility?
How are you navigating the weather (life) conditions?

Spend some quiet time thinking about these questions.

Quote of the week:
Time is the currency through which the greatest gifts are given and received - Pete Clark

When was the last time you unapologetically and whilst fully present gave someone the gift of time?

Go on, pretend to be a happy lucky idiot with someone this week. I double dare you to tell them you’re doing it too 😊

A reminder to catch up on Episode #72 before the next release

In Episode 72 Pete chats with Calvin Chilchik, Head of Club of United Business Sydney.

Moving from South Africa to Australia as a 14-year-old boy brought all sorts of challenges and Calvin shares how some of those experiences have shaped his life. Bouncing between a music career, university, retail stores, and now a business owner Calvin encourages us to ‘do the daunting stuff' and what it's taught him.

From triggers that shifted his identity, building belief in himself, to gratitude for the sacrifice his parents made in moving their family across the world, Pete and Calvin explore some of the challenges in owning and running a business; what it’s like to lead a team as an entrepreneur; believing in others; and overcoming the normal fears that show up when doing the daunting stuff.



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