100th whisper gratitude May 08, 2023

This is Whisper #100. If you’ve been enjoying the weekly whispers please feel free to forward to friends and anyone you think would benefit.

Weekly Whispers turns 100 this week.

100 Monday mornings gate-crashing your inbox. 100 additional emails for you to decide whether to open and read or skim over. 100 thoughtfully crafted letters fighting for space amongst the noise. 100 posts whispering in your ear about various aspects of life, love and growth. 100 opportunities providing a mental fork in the road for you choose to take a different path.

As I’ve reflected on why I started the Weekly Whispers and more importantly why I keep going… it’s because of responses like this…

“…Every week your email gives me a focal point on something that I can work on, or simply be aware of. I love your simple points, and hearing of your experiences.

I wanted to say thank you for the impact that you are having on my life and my family. My wife and three teenage daughters get a slightly better version of me each week. I am becoming kinder, more present and learning to love them, myself, and others unconditionally…”

When I started, I never set myself a goal of getting to a certain number. I think if I’d committed to 100 it would have been kinda scary. However, here we are 100 in. My goal in starting the weekly whispers was to share some ideas, hints, tips, hacks and tools that might have a positive impact on lives. “If it impacts one life for the better, then I’m happy” I said to myself. “If 1 whisper turns into a shout I’ve achieved something” I thought to myself.

In honour of this 100th milestone I have a favour to ask. I have an ask of you. I’d like you to do something for me.

Would you indulge me by investing 10 minutes in the following?

1. Send a random text of kindness to a random contact in your phone – 1 minute.

Grab your phone. Scroll through your contacts. Stop at a random one. Send them a simple text of kindness to check-in.

2. Deliver an in-person text of love and gratitude to someone you care deeply about - 1 minute prep and 1 minute delivery (incl hugs and tears where necessary 😊)

Think about a text you might send a loved one. Get courageous and go tell them in person without expecting anything in return.

3. With the remaining 7 minutes – reflect on your own journey to date.

Remind yourself why you signed up to receive the whispers in the first place.

  • What have you learnt?
  • What insights have resonated with you?
  • What have you been reminded of?
  • How have you grown and changed as a result of any particular whisper?
  • Set yourself a new goal - Use this 100th milestone as an opportunity to consider another mental fork in the road.


Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode 71 Featuring Aly King-Smith

In Episode 71 Pete chats with long-time colleague and fellow facilitator and coach Aly King-Smith. The conversation loops between strategies to effectively address burn-out, how to re-invent yourself for the next life chapter, and whether you’re inflicting or inflicted. A wide-ranging conversation with some gold if you listen to what’s between the words.

Aly King-Smith is the Director of Clearworks Coaching, who specialise in coaching senior leaders in the STEM sector; and has newly founded A Listening Life which is built entirely to support coaches who are running out of steam in building a financially sustainable practice. The podcast explores stories and top tips from successful peers who have managed to crack the puzzle, and build profitable businesses, using their coaching. Aly is currently writing a self-coaching workbook for coaches to use as their supportive friend.



That's all for this week. If you’ve been enjoying the Weekly Whispers please feel free to forward it to friends and anyone you think would benefit.

As always, email me at [email protected] to share your feedback or to let me know your thoughts.





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