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Intermittent FASTing

Welcome to Whisper #96.

Do you practice intermittent FASTing?

Intermittent fasting is all the rage in the health and well-being press. The practice of time restricting when you eat has been shown to have several health benefits. However, the FASTing I’m talking about is allowing Fear Anxiety Stress Trauma (FAST) to intermittently affect our health, well-being, and state of mind.

Imagine if we were able to time restrict the effect FASTing has on us? Imagine if you could accept it’s going to happen but also accept it has a restricted shelf life. If you can allow FASTing to show up, and welcome it without attachment then it’s easier to show it the door.

Intermittent FASTing is normal. Continuous, inadvertent, unintentional, unconscious FASTing is what’s detrimental. What would happen if you restrict the time you fall for FASTing?

Here are some questions to dilute the effect…

Fear – What else could be true here? What’s this situation trying to teach me about myself?

Anxiety – What am I pretending not to know? If the worst happened how would I handle it? What needs to be safe in order for me to proceed?

Stress – What can I control that I haven’t been? What have I been trying to control that I can’t?

Trauma – Who would you be without the thought? What beliefs did you form at the time that are no longer helpful? How has the event refined you?

Defined or refined?

When stuff happens, how does it shape you? When you make a mistake – when you make a bad investment decision – when you are inadvertently unkind to someone – when you let yourself or others down – how do you let it shape you?

It’s OK to be fine with it as long as it refines you, not defines you. You are more than the sum total of the things that have happened to you. Allow the ‘stuff’ to shape you but make it temporary not permanent.

Question of the week:
As you go about your day, what are you unconsciously practising?

As most of our thoughts and actions are unconscious what are you practising?

Take a moment, pause and consider the question.

Without even knowing it you’ll be practising something – how to be optimist or pessimistic? How to be unconditionally loving or conditionally loving? How to handle stress and anxiety well or not so well? How to hold on to emotions and assumptions or be able to let go of them appropriately? Teaching others to be a role model of what to do or what not to do?

Quote of the week:
Your struggles do not define you, but they can refine you - Reyna I. Abunto

What they said. Welcome the struggles… at least one at a time 😊

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #70 Featuring Richard Oakes

In this week's new release, Pete chats with Richard Oakes. Richard is Group CEO for the Ohten Group, a serial disruptive thinker, and a world record-holding cyclist. The conversation touches on finding your why but looking inward not necessarily outward.

Pete & Richard discuss how choices can be inefficient and in taking the choice out, it speaks to who you are. Richard shares how his love of cycling gave him freedom and what it takes to be a world champion.


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