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Re-fresh and Re-new

Welcome to a new season of Weekly Whispers. This is Whisper #87 and the first whisper for 2023.

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Did your break SHOUT at you?

A reminder that life tends to whisper to us. When it shouts we tend to do something about it. Assuming you were able to take some sort of break over the holiday season what did it teach you? What did the break shout at you? What did life scream at you once you stopped? Did life say to you “I’m glad you’ve stopped because you need to hear this…”

What did you hear? The need for … more connection? More balance? Less drama? Less Busy-ness? Better relationships? Better self-care? Different career path? Different life path forward?

Stopping for a break can allow us to pause, recover, re-calibrate, re-fresh, and go again. What was so obvious for you when you stopped?

What do you want more of?

What do you want less of?

What do you want to be better in 2023?

What needs to be different for that to happen?

If you haven’t already done so, here’s the link for the Extraordinary Me in 2023 reflection and planning document.

RE-FRESH, RE-NEW AND RE-IMAGINE - Extraordinary Me for 2023



Benefitting from the fresh start effect

New year new you?

Whether you set resolutions or goals or do neither there’s some evidence to point to the beneficial effect of using a new year as a good starting point.

Researchers have coined the term ‘fresh start’ and conclude that people are better at goal achievement when they start on temporal landmarks (start of a new year, new week, first of the month, birthday, anniversary etc).

How often have we been guilty of saying “I’ll start on Monday” 😊 Anecdotally we’ve been using the fresh start effect for a while.

How have you used the fresh start effect?

Did you continue?

The Fresh Start Effect: Temporal Landmarks Motivate Aspirational Behavior

The Unexpected Science of Fresh Starts and Failures

Question of the week:
Do the people you surround yourself with encourage a better version of yourself or keep you tied to the person they thought you were?

Over the break, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the people I’ve surrounded myself with and it struck me – some encourage a newer, better version of Pete whereas others are happy to keep the status quo Pete going.

Of course, I haven’t ditched everyone that wants to keep the status quo going but it did get me thinking about how I could be more intentional about who and why I spend time with certain people.

How about you? Which version of you do the people you surround yourself with want?

Quote of the year:
When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower - Alexander Den Heijer

Have you fallen into an environment that supports and nurtures your growth?

What sort of environment can you find that will unconditionally and intentionally support your growth?

You might not be blooming right now but you still have that potential within you.

Could you be more proactive about the environment you feel at home in?

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #67

Here comes Season 3.

During Episode #67, Pete shares his process for reflecting on 2022 and planning for 2023, his year-long commitment to continue making progress, and his two words for the year which are Space and Acceptance. Listen to the episode to hear how he's going to put it all into practice.




That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #87.

As always, send me your feedback [email protected] and let me know your thoughts.





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