2022 review 2023 extraordinary me planner is what your doing worth what it's doing to you? recover and re-fresh before renewal what whisper have you heard in 2022? Dec 26, 2022
What whisper have you heard in 2022?

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #86, the final whisper for 2022.

What whisper have you heard this year?

86 weekly whispers in I continue to be proud that we turn up week after week offering opportunities for whispers to be heard as shouts.

Thank you to everyone that takes the opportunity to read, to skim, to ponder, to wonder, and to take it personally in order to do what’s best for them and what’s important in their lives. Not every whisper will turn into a shout but one might. And if you keep reading and tuning in I almost guarantee that one will at some point.

I believe we tend to act and adjust our path based on what shouts at us not necessarily what whispers.

So, over to you – of the 86 Weekly Whispers I’ve produced which one shouted something to you?

What story resonated to the point you did something different? What question disrupted your thinking and caused you to adjust your own path? What quote piqued your interest?

What whisper did you hear as a shout this year?

Same end of year, same story - recover and re-fresh before renewal

For me and for many it’s been a weird, sometimes exhilarating, often exhausting year. So much noise, not enough signal. So many tasks to get done, not enough time to just be. So many people to please, and list upon list for myself.

It’s critical that we take some time for ourselves. Time to fill our own cup. Time to reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2022.

Every year I tweak the process that I use to create space and time for reflection and renewal.

What little wins have you had this year?

What were you immersed in that time passed quickly?

What’s defined you this year?

What disappointments have helped you grow?

What boundaries will you set for 2023?

Click below for the link to a template that might guide your thinking process.

Question of the year:

What are you most proud of that no one would know about?

Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Keep it to yourself but glow in the feeling that you’ve done good without the need to tell anyone 😊

Quote of the year:
Is what you're doing worth what it's doing to you?

I asked this question last year and it felt right to ask again – if not least for myself!

I’ve observed over the course of this year (again) that my busy-ness is in part a pattern of my own work ethic (for work-ethic read insecurity!).

I’ve sacrificed the important for the urgent. I’ve sacrificed what brings me joy for what brings me security and worth – oh the irony.

I work hard – because that’s what my generation believes will make them successful. I continually tweak my approach – because that’s what will make people like and love me. I struggle to settle – because my story of optimising potential runs deep and unconscious.

These holidays I’m taking some time out to consider the question above and the question below.

Am I willing to separate what I do from who I am?

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #66

This week Pete records our final episode for 2022 reflecting on the year that was.

Pete shares his insights around ‘starting with who’ which involves imagining a future self and building a subsequent why. He shares his own experience of “I’d be happy if…” and the external connection and validation sometimes required. Balancing the urgent and important is the final topic Pete touches on encouraging listeners to not fall into the “I’ll get to it’’ trap.

Thanks to those that listened this year and be sure to give us a like wherever you get your podcasts from.


That's all for this year. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #86.

As always, send me your feedback [email protected] and let me know your thoughts.

Happy holidays and wishing you your best year yet in 2023.





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