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Own Your Morning

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #85.

Owning your morning

Too often our morning is claimed by school runs, overnight emails, or burning to-do lists for others.

We hand over agency of the start of our day to the normal burning and immediacy of the tasks in front of us. All well and good and absolutely necessary… sometimes. If that becomes the life we live it can often feel like we’re living someone else’s agenda.

Of course, depending on the roles you have responsibility for, that can be exactly what’s required on occasions – and for some far too occasionally than they’d wish for!

So how do I even own my morning if I wanted to?

Here’s a few links that offer a number of simple examples. The idea being to claim what works for you and start small. Moving from own your morning to won your morning is more than a typo.

The Six Morning Routines that Will Make You Happier, Healthier and More Productive

The Best Routine, According to Science

Want to Be Super Successful? Science Says Do Any 1 of These 10 Things

Why unhappiness can be good for you

Arthur C Brooks is a columnist for The Atlantic and he has written many column inches and spoken on many podcasts offering tips and tools to build a happier life.

One of his articles about what the second happiest people get right resonated with me.

Brooks points to some research suggesting that a little unhappiness can be good for us. It can force us to reflect which could help us grow. It can provide a contrast to the upside of happiness. Happiness is good for us but in small doses.

So when practising gratitude be grateful not just for the things that are positive but also for the things that challenged you and caused a degree of growth.

Here’s the link to read some more fascinating insights from Arthur C Brooks.

Arthur C. Brooks on Rethinking Happiness

Question of the week:
What would your younger self think of who you are today?

If only we knew eh?

Well, reverse the idea. How have you grown this year? What challenges have you leaned into? How have you extended yourself, explored yourself, and accepted yourself this year?

Quote of the week:
To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest – Pema Chodron

To Be Continually Thrown Out Of The Nest

Did you miss the Freedom Fridays Podcast #65 with Karan Ferrell-Rhodes?

Catch up now before next week's final release of 2022.

In episode #65 Pete chats with Karan Ferrell-Rhodes who is the founder and CEO of Shockingly Different Leadership.

Of course, he asked about the genesis of the name and how they were shockingly different. Pete & Karan also explored the 7 differentiating leadership tactics based on the research from Karan’s book Lead At The Top of Your Game. The conversation weaved between imposter syndrome and intellectual horsepower, touching on such topics as intrapreneurship and being stakeholder savvy.

An informative listen for those keen to understand how to differentiate themselves.



That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #85.

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