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JBK - Just Be Kind

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #78.

Who shot down the idea of JBK?

Well, no one really. It’s a simple play on words.

What’s JBK? Just Be Kind. Of course, a simple, hard to argue with, easily enacted mantra that anyone, anytime and anywhere could quite easily act upon. However, there’s so much tension going on – domestically & internationally – that it’s easy to forget.

Remembering that we are hard-wired to scan our environment for threats - there’s plenty to keep that part of us on some sort of constant alert. Being on some level of constant threat detection takes energy. It takes energy from other things. One of which is JBK.

So, whilst you are dealing with the numerous threats to all aspects of your well-being, you’d be serving yourself and those around you – family, friends, and community – in a much-needed form of energetic cup-filling by practising JBK.

Particularly, (note to self!) practising JBK to oneself.

It is never too late to be what you might have been – George Eliot

Many of the world's best-known successes got their break later on in life – Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman. Many of them never let go of what might have been and quietly and deliberately went about the transformation, unnoticed step by step.

I’d also suggest it’s never too late to be fully who you are right now. What’s stopping you from being a fully expressed version of yourself right now? Or at least the latest updated version.

Is there something you could do to be a 1% better version of yourself in some capacity at some level? I suspect the answer is yes… but will you? Your future self will be grateful if you do.

And it’s always too late to think you could have a better past than you’ve had. Your past is over and done with. It’s shaped who you are in all its beautiful imperfections.

So, acknowledge your past. Raise your gaze to the future and take a step in the direction of who you could be.

Here are some amazing examples of achievements by people whose age would have usually been a barrier.

Growing Old is Optional! 14 Stories of Amazing Accomplishments

You're Never Too Old To Do Something Amazing

Question of the week:
What is life whispering to you right now?

For me, it’s hard to hear but it’s whispering that things will work out.

It’s whispering that I shouldn’t be quite so hard on myself when certain things don’t work out.

What about you? What’s it whispering to you?

Quote of the week:
As you start to walk on the way, the way appears - Rumi

I’ve found this to be the case on so many occasions. Despite starting ugly on many occasions the gift was in starting. Taking a step… and another one. Convinced that momentum was what kicked started the illumination.

So, get walking and you might be surprised by what shows up.

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #62 with Emma Frazer

This week Pete chats with a colleague, Emma Frazer, about all things change and transformation.

With growth on many agendas these days, they dive into how to navigate the changes required to enable growth e.g. creating the capacity to help navigate the potential overwhelm of ‘flying the plane and fixing it at the same time”.

Emma shares her perspective on the importance of firm boundaries and moving towards a goal of working smarter not necessarily harder.


That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #78.

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