freedom fridays #61 with melissa marsden if not now...? mental wealth night guy vs. day guy support your mental health Oct 17, 2022
Support your mental health

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #76.

Support your mental health by remembering your mental wealth

There’s far greater awareness these days of mental health. One of the ways you can support your own mental health is to remember some mental wealth. What do I mean by wealth? Not monetary for sure.

Remind yourself of the wealth of previous experiences you’ve had that are evidence to support what you are going through right now. You’ve done so much even to get here. You’ve endured so much to even be reading this. You’ve coped, carried, and cajoled yourself to this point.

By digging into the wealth of experiences you’ve had, let that act as a reminder of your strengths; remember the times others recognised your value; recall the moments from your past when you came through for yourself; review the past situations you’ve grown from.

You already have a wealth of experiences to draw from. We’ve all got a mental wealth piggy bank we can withdraw from when required.

Start to create a list of experiences that you can draw on. Add to the list all of the comments you’ve remembered from others that remind you of the place you have. Build on the list from the occasions when you’ve been there for someone else. Recall as many positive experiences as you can remember.

Capture them in a way to provide easy access when your own mental health needs some support.

Night guy v Day guy

A simple clip to demonstrate how urgency often trumps importance. Urgent guy always beats important guy.

Jerry Seinfeld - Night Guy Vs. Morning Guy

It makes me wonder how often the ‘urgency’ is our own perception or there’s some underlying need being met by responding to the perceived urgency. A life dealing with urgent things - particularly for others - doesn’t get to be that important for ourselves.

Important guy needs a hand. Important guy needs preference over Urgent guy. The great thing is – on most occasions – you get to choose! You get to choose where you invest your attention and energy.

Who will you support today – Urgent guy or Important guy?

Question of the week:
If not now, when? If not you, who?

A classic question I came across on my travels recently.

In the busy-ness of the story I was living I forget I had more agency than I thought. Time to own my agency.

How about you? What’s it time for now?

Quote of the week:
The difference between hope and despair is a different way of telling stories from the same facts - Alain de Botton

Can you separate the facts from the stories?

The facts – what actually happened.

The story – what you made it mean or the sense you made of it.

Can you imagine how many stories we’ve made up… especially about ourselves?

Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #61 with Melissa Marsden

This week Pete chats with Melissa Marsden a working mumpreneur recently back at work after a 3rd child. Melissa’s specialty is workplace design, which is ultimately about life and success design as much as anything else.

The conversation starts with freedom as a value and moves through your unique definition of success and ends up making the distinction between “I have to" and “I get to”. Melissa shares some tips on making life choices and some of the trade-offs required to live a life by design, especially in how to retain the right and identity to say no.



That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #76.

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