freedom fridays podcast episode #54 with helena clayton impostor syndrome vs. impostor thoughts judgement to sigh is a good thing Jul 11, 2022

Welcome to Weekly Whisper #62.

Say goodbye to impostor syndrome and say hello to impostor thoughts

Basima A. Tewfik, an assistant professor at MIT Sloan, concluded that impostor syndrome has its advantages.

Impostor syndrome is commonly thought to be a feeling of inadequacy, a feeling of being a fraud, and fearing being ‘caught out’ for being an impostor.

Basima discovered that how we interpret impostor thoughts can support an other-focused orientation. “It’s OK to have impostor thoughts sometimes. It’s not a syndrome or a pathology”.

Next time you repeat the ‘Impostor Syndrome’ narrative remember it’s your thoughts, not a syndrome. And with our thoughts, we can choose to believe, agree, ditch, or park them for next time.

For more detail read here:

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Science tells us to sigh more

In simple terms, a sigh consists of a normal breath followed by a second breath before you exhale. Simple enough and often thought of as a depressive, whinging response to something. Not so, according to science.

Science Alert - Sighing Is Actually A Life-Saving Biological Function

The Science Behind Your Sigh of Relief

Go on, have a big sigh. You’ll feel better for it.


Question of the week: How do you handle judgement?

We’re judged from many sources on many occasions. When it happens to you how do you handle it?

Do you resist, avoid, deny and judge back? Do you ponder, accept the judgement as true and over-index on blame and responsibility?

How do you handle positive judgement? Or negative judgement? Are you OK with people saying how wonderful you are but baulk at anything that exposes a potential weakness? Or vice versa?

Don’t wish for less judgement, wish for the tolerance to know how to handle it masterfully.


Quote of the week: "A few simple tips for life: feet on the ground, head to the skies, heart open, quiet mind" Rasheed Ogunlaru

I’m fortunate to live in Sydney in a beautiful part of the world. It doesn’t take much effort for me to have my feet on the sand or in the ocean. The climate also means there’s often a beautiful blue hue to the clear Sydney sky. For both, I’m extremely grateful and humbled.

What about the other two? What would it take to have an open heart and a quiet mind?


Freedom Fridays Podcast Episode #54

An exploration of what freedom means. Through a series of conversations with experts and leaders in their field, we explore some of the ways we can be free from whatever is holding us back. We’ll share some of the ingredients – easy, hard, and almost impossible.

The lessons are hiding in open sight within the conversation – it’s up to you how you apply them.

Episode #54 with Helena Clayton

In Episode #54 Pete chats with Helena Clayton, a leadership development coach, consultant, and facilitator based in the UK. Having started her executive career in a series of strategic and operational HR roles, Helena has experienced first-hand the vast impact that poor and exceptional leadership can make on an organisation and its people.

Helena thrives as an independent consultant and associate working for various clients and in partnership with organisations. Helena works with Roffey Park as part of their Faculty for the MSc in People and Organisational Development and with London Business School as a Programme Director.

Helena’s current research focuses on love in the workplace and Pete and Helena talk about freedom from shades of grey, the cages we put ourselves in without realising, and the philosophy of living life with love at the centre.




That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #62.

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