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Welcome to Weekly Whisper #61.

Carry it, hide it or explore it

Pedro Algorta was one of 16 passengers who survived a plane crash in the Andes in 1972. He was traveling to Chile with his Uruguayan rugby team when the flight crashed. Along with 15 other mates, he suffered extreme conditions for 71 days living inside the wrecked fuselage of the plane. The story was made into a movie – Alive.

It wasn’t until years later that he told his story and he recalled how, over the years, he has been able to move on from such a tragic event.

He explains that we have 3 choices.

We can either carry it with us and over time it becomes heavier and heavier.

Or we can hide it but inevitably it will leak out somewhere.

Alternatively, we can explore it. Explore what it taught us about ourselves. Explore how we are given another chance. Explore the life lesson to be applied elsewhere.

What will you do when faced with your own mountain? Carry it? Hide it? Or explore it?


Between stimulus and response there is a space; and in that space is a choice; and with that choice comes freedom and growth…

or anxiety, fear, inspiration, hope – you get to choose whether you like it or not.

So what will you choose today? You don’t have to like it but you get to choose.


Question of the week: Are you willing to get out of bed and do extraordinary things?

As our season turns to winter in Sydney it’s so tempting to snuggle up for an extra few more warm minutes. But – what would you be willing to get out of bed for on a cold, dark morning?

Something extraordinary? Something for someone else? Something for a future you? How often would you be willing to do it? Would you be willing to do it when you didn’t want to?


Quote of the week: "Music is the space between the notes” Claude Debussy

My particular take on this is that connection happens between the sentences. Connection between people happens in the spaces and gaps between words and letters. It’s in this space where we discover our similarities.

Are you paying attention to the spaces?


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Episode #53 with Conor O'Malley

In Episode #53 Pete chats with Conor O’Malley, a Scot with an Irish name and an English accent, who now calls himself an Australian too. Conor is an executive coach for leaders who want to learn, and be more effective leaders of their business, their team, and in society. He is also the author of “Trust – Begins and ends with self” and the creator of the life and coaching philosophy Observe | Choose | Act.

Conor and Pete chat about the definition of a leader, how it’s changing, and the importance of being a more effective leader in and of society. They discuss the internal freedom gained from letting go of a story that is holding you and how that, in turn, leads to external freedom. They also look at the concept of shifting your way of being so you can shift your way of doing.



That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #61.

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