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life's an adventure, remember to choose yours.

Welcome to Week #29

What whisper did you hear from #28?

Did you consider whether you were more than your accomplishments or are you defined by them?

Have you got ice in your head and fire in your belly?

What inspired you about some of the Olympic stories?

What’s struck me this week?

1. Personality isn’t permanent – Benjamin Hardy PhD

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about identity recently. The view we have of ourselves that helps or hinders our future possibilities. Perhaps it’s simply that I’m focused on finding an answer – or at least the possibility – for myself that I continue to be exposed to work, articles, research and ideas that suggest who we are now isn’t who we were and therefore needn’t be who we become.

If we’re not 100% the person we were – we can make subtle and obvious changes over time - then it gives me hope and inspiration that I can make changes to seemingly fixed concepts e.g. personality. We’re not finished yet but remain stuck by our unconscious narrative that served us historically. We walk into a possible future covered in the past and the longer we walk the heavier it becomes.

Changing identity – slowly, surely, deliberately and compassionately is the way through and out.

Who would you like to be next? Read the next story and it might inspire you.

2. “It’s important that everyone knows that I’m so much more than the bad things that happen to me - You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy." Jane Marczewski, a.k.a. Nightbirde.

This is such an amazing and inspiring story. The AGT audition is only a small part of it. Watch the video. Prepare to be touched deeply. This story is an inspiration and is unfolding as I write.

When interviewed recently on tv she was asked if she has always been so positive and optimistic. She said, "I don't know. I think when you're faced with so many blows to the gut in a row, like I have over the past several years, you find out what you're made of in a sense, and you're given the opportunity to choose what you want to become. So no, I don't think I was always this way".

I find it nothing short of miraculous for someone in those circumstances to consider choosing who she wants to become. I’ve got sooooo much work to do.

3. Quote of the week – It’s good for the plot…

My youngest daughter is in her final year of school and trying to prepare for her final exams in the uncertainty of a lockdown. As parents, we’re trying to balance everything as best we can.

No need. She came out with something at the dinner table that blew me away. In discussing the uncertainty of exams, graduations, celebrations, etc. she said “It’s good for the plot”.

What she explained was that despite what’s happening when she looks back it will be good for the plot of her life. That in hindsight she can say, “Do you remember when…”. And like all good stories, there are some plot twists on the way through.

So, if you’re wondering how this all plays out for you? Don’t worry too much. Whatever happens, it will be good for the plot. 😊

4. Question of the week – Are you choosing your own adventure?

I picked this up from a participant in a program I’m running. It really resonated with me at the time.

It got me wondering what sort of mix I had in my current adventure – how much of it was a choice? How much of it was a chore? How much of it was because I had no choice? How much of it was happening unconsciously? How much was being delivered ‘for me’? Am I awake enough to even realise it’s an adventure? And, can I enjoy the ride? So many questions, so little time. 😊

Can you even imagine the adventure Nightbirde is choosing! What’s the adventure you’re currently choosing to be in?

5. Freedom Fridays - Moving from I have to, to I choose to

My intention is to openly share a change I’m making within my life. I’m hoping you can take the lessons learnt and apply them to any change you want to make.

This week I chatted Julien Prosser. Julien had to make a big shift – from the beach to the office. From bare feet to shoes. From board shorts to suit and tie. Take a listen. Some fascinating insights.

Check out Episode #27.

That’s all for this week and I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #29.

Feedback is my fuel so if you have any comments please send me an email at [email protected] and let me know your thoughts.






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