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You don’t need more how to advice – you need a beautiful and painful reckoning

This hit me right between the eyes, bored beneath my forehead and scooped out any thoughts of previous sage advice I’d given anyone and threw it in the bin.

I’m a big Tim Ferriss fan and this is the blog that caught me out.

Tim Ferriss Blog - Harajuku Moment

I’m guilty as charged, I have more how-to books on my shelves than it’s probably possible to read…for the rest of my days!

Maybe I should write a book titled “How to use your how to book” or even worse “how to think about possibly taking action with your how to book” 😊

So, I can relate and in working with clients they will often ask lots of ‘how-to’ questions - How can we grow our revenue; how can we engage our people; how can we differentiate ourselves; how can we solve this problem.

All valid questions but I think every single ‘how-to’ question that could ever be asked there’s an answer somewhere on the internet. Scary reading some of the data from Google search reviews.

However, at the onset of the COVID years, there was a 'reckoning' (from an apolitical stance) that swiftly transitioned thousands of individuals from their office spaces, often within a matter of days. These individuals could have been handling market-sensitive information, yet they managed to continue conducting transactions and serving their customers – all within a timeframe that would have seemed impossible just a few weeks earlier.

What struck me about this was, I have all the ‘how-to’ references I could possibly want. The instruction manual for everything I’ve ever wanted to achieve is probably sitting somewhere on my bookshelves. Yes I’ve probably either read the manual; taken notes and ideas about what to do with the instructions; and even told/taught others about the insights… but without the necessary application.

I regularly quote “Inspiration is free but application costs” and the quote above was a new way of hearing it.

What about you? Need more ‘how-to’ or a ‘beautiful and painful reckoning’?

Quote of the week
Fear is a mile wide, and an inch deep. We perceive it as a massive ocean. Then we step into it, we realise it's just a puddle - Leila Hormozi

As Eudora Welty states – all serious daring starts from within. Taming/walking alongside the fear is an inside job.

Question of the week:
Referencing the quote above – What’s worth getting your feet wet to find out whether the fear is real or not?

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